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Accredited Oral Surgeon: Nigel Parr

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 All of the following procedures may be carried out with the aid of intravenous sedation at the rooms in Green Lane East.

  • Removal of wisdom teeth
  • simple or complex tooth removal
  • dental implants
  • bone grafting
  • soft tissue grafting
  • apicectomy
  • biopsy - soft tissue or bony lesions
  • exposure of impacted or un-erupted teeth
  • pericisions.

Any of the above procedures or more complex surgery can be carried out under general anaesthesia at either Quay Park Surgical Centre or Brightside Hospital, Epsom.  

  • Jaw surgery - osteotomy
  • patients who are medically compromised.



Our office hours are Monday to Friday

8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Referral Expectations

To arrange an appointment, please phone our office on (09) 529 5061.

Fax a referral to (09) 529 5063.

Email your referral & digital xray to

You may be referred by your general dentist or doctor.  It is preferable that we have a written referral from them and an x-ray if one was taken.  If you are unsure, please feel free to call our reception Ph (09) 529 5061.

We do have many patients who are referred via friends and family so we understand that it is not always possible, although if you have private medical insurance, they may require a copy of a referral letter.  

You can also visit our website  You can access information and download forms if required.

Procedures / Treatments

  • Wisdom Teeth/ Impacted Tooth Extraction

    Most people have four wisdom teeth - two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw.… More

  • Dental Extraction

    Severe tooth decay, gum disease, infection or trauma may lead to the necessary removal of a tooth.… More

  • Biopsy - Soft Tissue

    There are oral lesions whose diagnosis can be made relying on data gathered during the history and/or physical examination, but there are others where studies are needed to confirm the presumed clinical diagnosis.… More

  • Dental Implants

    A dental implant is an artificial root (aka fixture or screw) that serves as a replacement for a missing tooth.… More

  • Salivary Gland Surgery

    Parotidectomy: an incision (cut) is made in front of the ear and runs down below the jaw line.… More

  • Apicectomy

    An apicectomy is an operation where the very end of the root tip is removed.… More

  • Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Surgery

    Arthroscopic: several small incisions (cuts) are made over the joint in front of the ear.… More

  • Anaesthetic Options

    Local anaesthesia This involves a small dental needle injection in the mouth to numb the tooth or area for surgery.… More


We are a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider.

We also accept payment from all other insurance companies.

We accept cash, Eftpos and all credit cards except American Express.

Visiting Hours

Our office ours are Monday to Friday 

8.00am to 5.00pm

As our patients do not stay overnight, visiting hours are not applicable.


Whilst you have you surgery, you caregiver is welcome to wait in the rooms for you. We have a comfortable waiting area and can offer tea or coffee. Alternatively, there are some lovely cafes located close by. Remuera Village, Upland Rd shops and McCafe at Greenlane are all within an approximately 2 minute drive.

Travel Directions

Our rooms are located at 11 Green Lane East, Remuera.  If you are travelling via the motorway, you can take the Greenlane offramp and make your way towards Remuera Rd.  We are on the left, half way up the hill at the end of Green Lane East.  Our driveway is directly opposite Grandview Rd.

Public Transport

We are on the public bus route with stops on our road and on Remuera Rd.  

The closest train station is at Greenlane, approximately 15 minute walk. 

For a public transport journey planner please visit


There is free parking onsite, with one space allocated for patients or visitors with a disability.

There is also plenty of street parking on Green Lane Rd and across in Grandview Rd. 


Our rooms do not have overnight facilities. 


We are the only oral surgery practice in NZ to have been successfully audited and accredited by Health Audit New Zealand Ltd and JAS_ANZ to comply with the New Zealand Day-Stay Surgery Standards and Procedures NZS 8164:2005.

Accreditation to NZ Day-Stay Surgery and Procedure Standards is a voluntary undertaking carried out by a Ministry of Health designated auditing agency. The practice has been audited to ensure that the building and installed quality systems have been maintained to the highest levels of quality and safety standards.

Contact Details

11 Green Lane East, Remuera

Central Auckland

11 Green Lane East
Auckland 1050

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Street Address

11 Green Lane East
Auckland 1050

Postal Address

PO Box 28092
Auckland 1541

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