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Northland DHB Whangarei Emergency Department


What is Emergency Medicine?
Emergency Medicine is the branch of medicine that involves the diagnosis, management and treatment of acute and urgent illnesses and injuries that may be life-threatening and require immediate attention.

The Emergency Department is staffed by doctors and nurses who have specialised training in Emergency Medicine.

Referral Expectations

On arrival at the Emergency Department, the patient may expect to undergo a brief triage or screening to determine the nature and severity of the illness or injury. On the basis of this assessment, those with more severe symptoms or injuries are treated before those with less serious conditions.
After the initial assessment and treatment, patients may be admitted to the hospital, transferred to another hospital or discharged.

What Happens If Your GP Refers you to a Specific Doctor for Admission?
All referrals for acute assessment come through the Emergency Department. This is a safety issue as, should people need urgent or emergency treatment, the Emergency Department is the best place for this to happen. Even if you are referred for admission and your GP has spoken with the consultant, you will be seen by a triage nurse to assess your severity and then the hospital doctor will be contacted to say that you have arrived.

Please click on the link for the  ED patient information brochure

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Emergency Physician
Emergency Physician
Emergency Physician
Emergency Physician
Emergency Physician
Emergency Dept MOSS
Emergency Physician


Hospital Charges
If you are not a New Zealand resident you may be charged for hospital services.

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Location Information

Contact Details

Phone (09) 430 4100
Fax (09) 430 4115 during working hours Fax: (09) 430 4132 after hours

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Street Address

Ground Floor
Whangarei Hospital
Maunu Road

Postal Address

Whangarei Hospital
Private Bag 9742
Whangarei 0148

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