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DEXA Bone Densitometry

DEXA (which stands for dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) scanning uses X-rays in very small doses to measure the density of your bones. The density of your bones will show how strong they are. Your exposure to x-rays is very low and is similar to what you would receive on a long distance plane flight.
What to expect?
It is most convenient if you wear loose clothing with no metal domes or other attachments from chest to knee.  A tracksuit is ideal. 
You will lie very still on a padded table for 5-10 minutes while the arm of the machine passes over the lower spine and hip.  You will feel nothing.

Location Information

Contact Details

Phone 03 467 6687
Healthlink EDI: otagorad

Patients outside of Dunedin - Free Phone 0800 505 909

Street Address

Main Branch is at:
Marinoto Clinic (attached to Mercy Hospital)
72 Newington Avenue
Maori Hill

Postal Address

Otago Radiology
72 Newington Avenue
Dunedin 9010

Map & more information

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