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Yun Choi



Bachelor of Physiotherapy


Yunju is an experienced Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and qualified Physiotherapy Acupuncturist who has worked in hospital and private practice for over 9 years in New Zealand.

She is a balanced practitioner with patient-centred and clinical oriented approaches to support her clients increased quality of life.  Yunju is confident to treat acute and chronic conditions, sports injuries and pain management. With her previous work experience in South Korea, she is also fluent in Korean.


Yunju has a keen interest in treating concussion, and the vestibular system which can be involved and contributing to post concussion symptoms. Yunju works with ACC contracts in the concussion service, alongside a multi-disciplinary team, including onsite Occupational Therapists as to ensure a comprehensive wrap around patient care and service.

Further interests are in treatment for dizziness/vertigo from inner ear dysfunctions which require vestibular diagnosis, including aspects of visual, balance and spatial orientation in holistic management.


Female / Wāhine



Scope of Practice

Eligible to practice, Annual Practicing Certificate Issue Date: 01 April 2022, expires: 31 March 2023

Languages Spoken

English, Korean

Contact Details

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