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LINKZ (Transition from School)

Our team works to provide an uninterrupted movement of disabled students in their last year of school into post-school education, employment and/or community services and activities and to ensure there is a coordinated plan implemented to assist the student with achieving their transition goals.

The service will:

  • Empower the student so that they are active participants in transition planning, goal setting and subsequent movement towards and achievement of their transition goals
  • Allow the student to be central to any decision-making and planning that takes place throughout the transition process
  • Assist the student with creating a transition plan, with setting their own goals, making decisions and allowing them to take responsibility for their own actions and achievement of goals
  • Support the student to make informed decisions by having access to information and resources
  • Develop transition plans that are understandable to the student
  • Provide the student with experience/s through exposure to options
  • Support the student throughout the transition process and achievement of goals
  • Have processes in place that monitor a student's progress and to gain feedback from all relevant stakeholders e.g. employers at the completion of work experiences
  • Support students to have equal access to post school employment and/or community options, and the same rights and opportunities as their non-disabled peers
  • Allow students to be listened to and treated with dignity and respect at all

Increased Participation in Employment

Transition Services will be focused on linking young people with disabilities into paid employment opportunities with the same rights, conditions and obligations as other workers.  Employment may include full-time, part-time, temporary or casual work, or self-employment.

Activities that the Transition Services provider may refer participants to may include:

  • Development of job search skills and work confidence;
  • Support to access careers information and guidance; and
  • Time limited work experience or skills training for the purpose of gaining employment.


Be aged between 16 – 21 and are in their final year of school or tertiary education. Can also be funded by the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS)

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