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Where can I get a COVID-19 test?

Please view the Te Whatu Ora website for information on who should get assessed for a test and how testing works.

RATs are the recommended method to test for the general public.

General practice and urgent care clinics may still do PCR testing if required as part of their diagnostic and care approach.

Free RATs for collection

List of providers of Free RATs for Collection 

COVID-19 testing providers - RATs / PCR:

The testing service will  determine which test (RAT or PCR) is best for you. Please read the information in the Covid-19 Testing box at the top of each service's page for instructions on how to access testing and for testing hours (they may differ to a service's standard hours, if they are a GP practice). 

  1. Check if your GP practice is providing COVID-19 testing.
  2. Some GP practices may test both enrolled and casual patients:
  3. You can visit a Community Health Provider 

Full list of COVID-19 testing services that anyone can access (GP practices, Urgent Care clinics and Community Health providers ). 

COVID-19 test for international travel

List of services providing COVID-19 testing for international travel. Check with the service as if it is a GP practice, it may only be offering this service to enrolled patients.