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At Bowen Hospital Nick's main attention is on relieving younger patients from conditions of Ankyloglossia (tongue tie) and Labial Ankylossis (lip ties).

These are performed under laser surgery which allows for a bloodless field as the lasering technique cauterises the blood vessels and nerves hence there is no bleeding and little pain afterwards. The laser usage also allows for quicker healing. Morbidity is much less.

The main consequence of the above medical issues is altered and impeded speech. Difficulty in swallowing and hence eating difficulties and drinking difficulties especially in the younger patients. These conditions also create in many of these cases the problem of aerophgia - the swallowing of air which can give rise to, what we used to call in the old days "colic" - in the younger patients and infants, also the feeling of bloating and fullness. In some younger patients the above conditions can also produce reflux.

I also remove teeth which patients have requested be done under general anaesthetic also basic dental surgery which again patients' have asked to have done under GA.

Specialist Training: 

Nick attended Wellington College and then went on to attend Otago University graduating in 1975 BSc Biochemistry. He entered Dental Faculty and graduated in BDS in 1979. Nick moved into private practice and has been practicing since in Wellington. He is certified in CAD/CAM restorative techniques 2004, founder of the NZ Cerec Users Group (2004), visiting Lecturer Faculty of Dentistry since 2007 and a past member of the Clinical Advisory Board Lumino Dental Group.

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General Dental Practice

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    Bachelor of Dental Surgery, University of Otago, New Zealand, 1979
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