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Filling materials for teeth

The Auckland Regional Dental Service (ARDS) uses four different types of material for filling teeth; we choose the best material based on the following:

  • Scientific evidence
  • Size of the hole in your child's tooth
  • Age of your child
  • Strength of the material
  • How long the affected tooth will be in your child's mouth

Materials Used for Fillings:

Composite Fillings:  A longer lasting (white coloured) material used mostly in adult teeth.  

Glass Ionomer Fillings: White or pink coloured material used mainly in baby teeth.  It is sometimes used as a temporary filling in adult teeth.

Intermediate Restorative Material (IRM): White material used as a temporary filling.

Amalgam Fillings: Silver metal material, used in adult teeth when high strength is required.  Amalgam fillings have been widely used for over 150 years and are cost effective, strong and durable.

Please feel free to discuss dental materials with your Dental Therapist/Oral Health Therapist.

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