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Auckland Regional Dental Service (ARDS)

General Dentist Service


Free dental care is available for children aged 0 years to Year 8 (Form 2) by the school dental service. Dental care from Year 9 (Form 3) until their 18th birthday (adolescent dental service) is provided by a contracted dental provider.

 You can visit any ARDS clinic. For a list of clinics currently open in your area please visit: www.ards.co.nz
School Dental Service
The Auckland Regional Dental Service (ARDS) provides free dental care for pre-school and school children at ARDS clinics in the greater Auckland area.  Mobile dental clinics may also be based at Kohanga Reo and Pacific Island Language Nests.
Click here for more information about the ARDS School Dental Service.
Adolescent Dental Service
Free dental care is also available from Year 9 (Form 3) until the 18th birthday, regardless of whether the adolescent is still at school or not. They are still entitled to free dental care if they are in paid employment. Not all dentists provide this service so it is important to attend a dentist who has a contract with the District Health Board to treat adolescent patients. For more information on adolescent dental care or to find a contracted dental provider please contact:

0800 TALK TEETH or 0800 825 583

or go to



For information and FAQ on the Pukekohe Intermediate Dental Clinic Public Health Notice please visit the dedicated website:   



Mon – Fri 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Wheelchair Access


Government Funded Care for under 18 years

Adolescents Year 9 [Form 3] until 18th Birthday, Birth to Year 8 (Form 2)

Languages Spoken


Referral Process


You need to be enrolled with the Auckland Regional Dental Service to receive free dental care at one of our clinics.
To enrol your child for free dental care at one of our clinics you must complete an enrolment form. The completed form provides consent to an examination only.
Pre-school child (0-5 years):
  • by contacting the dental clinic at the school closest to your home address; these are listed in the phone book under the school name. The Dental Therapist will either take your details and contact you at a later date or may make an appointment straight away.
  • Plunket/PHO - they will ask you to fill out an enrolment form which allows the Dental Therapist to examine only. They will ensure that the form is sent to the ARDS administration office.
An initial appointment letter will be posted to you asking you to attend the ARDS dental clinic closest to your home address.
Most Pre-schoolers require 12 – 18 month visits to the ARDS dental clinic. In some cases where there may be a problem, the visits will be sooner.
School Children:
  • when a child enters school and is already enrolled as a pre-schooler, the process occurs automatically. The therapist will transfer the child from the pre-school roll to the school roll.
  • if the child has not been previously enrolled at that clinic you will receive an enrolment pack either from the school office or the Dental Clinic.
Signing the enrolment form allows the therapist to examine the child only – all treatments including cleaning must have parent/guardian consent.
If, at the time of examination, the therapist diagnoses treatment required, an Advice and Consent form will be issued stating the treatments required and asking for the medical history to be updated. Before any treatment is given this form must be signed and the medical history filled out.
Fact sheets are available on request for treatment/materials used in the Auckland Regional Dental Service.
You are welcome to attend any appointment with your child.
If you want to know more about what dental care and advice we provide, talk to the Dental Therapist at your ARDS clinic or call: 0800 TALK TEETH(0800 825 583)

Conditions and Treatments

  • ARDS Enrolment Form

    To enrol your child with the Auckland Regional Dental Service please complete this form and either scan and email it to: ards@waitematadhb.govt.nz… More PDF

  • Free Dental Care

    Your child's treatment and preventive needs will be assessed at the first visit to the Dental Therapist at an ARDS Clinic. After the visit you will be notified of any treatments your child needs.… More

  • Sugar Fact Sheet

    More PDF

  • Dental Materials Fact Sheet

    More PDF

  • Preventative Treatment Fact Sheet

    More PDF

  • Pulpotomy and Stainless Steel Crown Fact Sheet

    More PDF

  • Advice and Consent Form

    More PDF

  • Contracted Dental Providers for Adolescents (Year 9 {form 3} up until the 18th Birthday)

    Dental care is funded for adolescents (Year 9 {form 3} up until the 18th birthday.… More PDF


The Auckland Regional Dental Service provides free care for eligible patients.

To enable us to determine your child’s eligibility for free dental care, please include a photocopy or scan of the following documents with any new enrolment forms:

  • Relevant pages of both the parent/guardian and child’s passport; this should include the page with your photograph and personal details, and ALL permits issued (e.g Residents / Student / Visitor / Work Permits.)
  • The passport page(s) that shows the “New Zealand Entry” stamp.
  • If one or both parents are New Zealand citizens please provide a copy of the child’s full birth certificate only.

Refugees and those who have applied to be refugees in NZ - please provide a copy of the Immigration NZ letter of acceptance of refugee status.

Public Transport


Contact Details

Freephone: 0800 TALK TEETH or 0800 825 583 

ARDS Administration Office:
Phone: (09) 839 0565

Fax: (09) 839 0566

Email: ards@waitematadhb.govt.nz

Adolescent Dental Coordination Service:
0800 TALK TEETH or 0800 825 583

For a list of clinics currently open in your area please visit: www.ards.co.nz


Postal Address

Auckland Regional Dental Service
Private Bag 93 115
Henderson 0650

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