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Dental Practices providing funded care to Adolescents (Year 9 {Form 3} up until the 18th Birthday)

Dental care is funded for adolescents (Year 9 {Form 3} up until the 18th birthday.

This funded dental care is provided by dental practitioners who have a contract with the District Health Board. If a dental provider does not have a contract with the DHB then the service will not be free.

The majority of dental work is funded but this does not include orthodontic work or any treatments associated with orthodontics and treatments related to accidents. For dental injuries, ACC may cover part of the treatment cost associated with the specific injury. Please refer to the ACC website for further information: www.acc.co.nz/dental

Adolescents can access the funded care regardless of whether they are at school, employed, in tertiary education or on a training course. All adolescents have to be eligible to use the health system in New Zealand to receive funded dental care.

If you are unsure if you are eligible please call us on 0800 TALK TEETH 0800 825 583.

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