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Dentures (False Teeth)

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth made out of acrylic resin and sometimes porcelain to provide a more natural appearance. Your dentist will generally recommend dentures if you are not a suitable candidate for dental bridges or dental implants.  Dentures will improve the appearance of your mouth and help strengthen muscles controlling your expressions, as well as improving chewing and speech.

There are two main types of denture; complete and partial. Complete dentures are best if you have lost or are going to lose all of your teeth. If you still have a lot of healthy teeth, a partial denture is recommended.  To make your denture your dentist will take a mould of your mouth and a dental technician will make your denture. Your dentures should fit but you may experience sore spots as you adjust to new chewing patterns. It is important to discuss any sore spots with your clinical dental technician so adjustments can be made to avoid the development of mouth ulcers. You may need multiple visits to get an optimal fit.

For more information please view AboutCosmeticDentistry.com

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