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Orthodontic Appliances

Teeth Straightening
Braces are commonly used to correct crooked teeth and correct malocclusions. Usually braces are fixed to the outside of teeth, however lingual braces are fixed to the inside of teeth and cannot be seen. Once braces have been removed a retainer may be used to hold teeth in place. This may be either a removable plate or a wire fitted behind the teeth.

Sequential plastic aligners are used to correct mild to moderate malocclusions. They are clear removable plastic moulds that fit over your teeth and gradually move your teeth. As your teeth move your aligner will be replaced with the next aligner in the sequence, until the desired position is achieved.

For children who have not yet lost all of their primary teeth, a removable appliance may be used. This is a plate held in place with wire clasps that fit over the teeth and wire springs attached to the plate move the teeth.


Jaw Modification
For more severe malocclusions or disproportionately positioned jaws functional appliances or head gear may be required.

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