MB ChB 2009 Baghdad; FRNZCGP 2021; FRNZCUC 2021


Dr Nameer Wadea graduated in the year 2009. He moved to New Zealand in 2007 with his family and has worked at Auckland City, North Shore, and Starship Hospitals, in a diverse range of specialties, before commencing his GPEP and Urgent Care training programmes.

Nameer’s interests lie in dermatological issues, Skin Cancer Medicine. Nameer is a skin cancer doctor with expertise in melanoma screening, skin cancer diagnosis, treatment and surgery. He has received further training through the Australasian Skin Cancer College, obtaining certification in Skin Cancer Medicine and Surgery, and Professional Diploma in Dermoscopy (early diagnosis of skin cancers using a skin microscope). Nameer is currently working towards his Masters Degree in Skin Cancer from the University of Queensland.

Nameer loves travelling and reading, and mountain biking.

Registration Date

5 September 2013

Vocationally Registered

Yes (What's this?)

A "Vocationally Registered" doctor has qualifications and experience that allow them to be registered as a specialist in a particular scope of practice e.g. General Practice, Urgent Care. These doctors can work independently in New Zealand.

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Contact Details

Dr Nameer Wadea is available at the following service:

This service is available at the following location:

Westgate Medical Centre, 13E Maki Street, Westgate, Auckland

8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Please note, we are located near the Countdown supermarket.