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Dr Nayana Shah - Integrative Health Clinic

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Nayana is a Fellow of Royal NZ college of GP with over 20 years of experience in General practice. 

During her time in general practice she developed a keen interest in prevention and a holistic approach to treating patients. She trained herself in Lifestyle, Nutrition and environmental Medicine and now focuses on Root cause diagnosis, management and prevention of common chronic diseases faced by general practitioners.

It is her experience that by optimizing nutrition and lifestyle factors many chronic diseases can be managed with less medication. She pays close attention to lifestyle, diet, stress, nutrient status, microbiome and hormonal balance. 

As a medical doctor with extra training, she has diagnostic skills, investigation ability like lab test, radiology etc. and she is well versed with functional test interpretation and producing individualized treatment plans. She carefully monitors the response to treatments by regular clinical follow up and appropriate investigations. Her ability to actively listen to your concerns and meet where you are in your health journey is most valued by her current patients.

For more information visit https://integrativehealthclinic.co.nz/

Her special interest areas are 

  • Women’s health: Heavy, painful periods, PCOS, perimenopause related estrogen excess, PMS, endometriosis and menopause related issues like hot flashes, insomnia. She assesses hormonal health by blood test and DUTCH test.


  • Gut health: IBS, chronic constipation or lose motions, bloating, gas and cramps etc. She has extra training in management of SIBO and Colon dysbiosis. She is well versed with SIBO breath test and microbiome analysis and will make treatment plan specific to individual results. 
  • Children’s Health: nutritional assessment and management of Behavioral issues, stunted growth, eczema and allergies, ADHD. She can also help with nutrition and microbiome analysis in management of ASD. 


  • Mental health: Biochemical assessment and nutritional management of depression and anxiety. She can assess methylation status based on questionnaire and methylation panel to individualize treatment plan. 
  • Chronic health: Hypertension, diabetes, fatigue, eczema/rashes etc.


Nayana walks the talk in her own life, keeping up healthy eating and lifestyle habits.  She is a vegetarian, a great cook, a keen organic gardener and practices meditation daily and enjoys adventures in nature.

From Nayana:

“Working in holistic health and be part of my patients healing journey is very rewarding. I am privileged to work with most beautiful people, who are motivated and wanting to make a difference to their health and contribute to the society. As an integrative GP I am lucky to apply patient centered health approach with each patient I see, and they challenge me to think outside the box, there is never a dull day. This is very special and this is why I enjoy working in integrative/holistic/chronic disease management so much.

General Practitioners

  • Dr Nayana Shah

    Integrative Doctor, General Practitioner - Vocationally Registered


Consultantions by appointment

Languages Spoken

English, Gujarati, Hindi


Face-to-face or virtual consultation fees:

90 mins - $440
60 mins - $300
45 mins - $230
30 mins - $160
Brief appointments up to 15 mins: $90

Repeat prescriptions: $30

Referrals, short letters (without an appointment) will incur a cost as per time spent, the minimum is $30.

Email consultation fees are according to time used, the minimum is $30.

All fees include GST.

Find more information here about payments and additional costs.

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