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Ellerslie Medical Centre

Primary Healthcare Service


8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


The team at Ellerslie strive to provide high quality medical and nursing care in a friendly, accessible environment.

We offer in person, video and phone consultation options for our enrolled patients. Appointments can be booked online through our secure patient portal, Health365, or by ringing reception on 09-5796147.

Patients enrolled at our practice can sign up to our patient portal free of charge, giving you online access to appointment bookings, repeat prescription requests, viewing your test results, and more. 


The Team:
Doctors: See below
Practice manager: Sheryl
Reception: Bernadine
Nurses: Kerry, Felicity

General Practitioners


8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Mon – Fri8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

You can choose to make an in-person, video or phone consultation with all our doctors. (normal fees apply for all 15 minutes appointment).

 We have suspended our walk-in service.

Public Holidays: Closed on all public holidays.

Preferred urgent care clinic out of hours: White Cross Accident & Urgent Medical - Ascot 24/7.

Enrolling new patients


This practice is not currently enrolling new patients.


Enrolled Patient Fees from 1 June 2019

Under 14 yearsFree
14-17 years$44 (with CSC* $13)
18-24 years$54 (with CSC* $19)
25-44 years$54 (with CSC* $19)
45-64 years$54 (with CSC* $19)
65+ years$54 (with CSC* $19)

*CSC = valid current Community Services Card. This fee is only available to enrolled patients, not casual patients. Casual patients with a valid current CSC receive a $5 discount on casual fee.

*This fee for patients with CSC only applies to a doctor's medical or ACC consultation. There is an additional fee for nurse services, medical reports, MSD/WINZ benefit forms, driver's licence medical reports, cervical smears etc. as per our website. See below for details.

Casual patients are charged a higher fee for both medical and accident-related consultations. A full schedule of fees is displayed in the waiting room and also on our website https://www.ellersliemedical.co.nz/fees/.

Doctor consultations

  • Refer to the current fee chart displayed in the waiting room.
  • If you have multiple or complex problems, you may request an extended appointment of 30 minutes at double consultation fee (depending on doctor availability).
  • Online video consultation charge is the same as face-to-face appointments. A $10 surcharge applies for weekends & public holidays.

Nurse consultations

  • $20-$30 ($13 with CSC) depending on time and consumables and may include dressings, blood pressure checks, health checks, dietary advice, ear syringe, etc. Please note expensive dressings may incur an extra charge.

Prescription without a doctor consultation

  • $25 ($13 with CSC) - includes fax/mail if required. Payment is due by end of calendar month.

Follow-up ACC dressings

  • Generally the first four follow-up dressings for wounds/burns are funded by ACC and are at no extra charge to the patient, however if extra time or consumables are needed, there will be an extra charge.


Aclasta (Zoledronate) infusion

  • $150 (plus doctor’s consultation fee pre-infusion for assessment, blood tests, consent, script etc)

B12 and Depo injections

  • $20 with a $5 discount if same day as a doctor’s consultation. (Flat fee of $13 with CSC)

Cervical Smears

  • Smear only with a doctor: consultation fee plus $10 for consumables
  • Smear plus consultation for other health matters with a doctor: consultation plus $25 (plus $23 with CSC)
  • Smear with a nurse: $35 (with CSC=$13+$10 consumables =$23) (not available on Mondays or following a public holiday). Please confirm availability of nurse Feli by telephone 09-5796147 on the day you wish to access this service.

Driver’s Licence Medical Report

  • Driver’s Licence Medical Report only: consultation fee
  • Driver’s Licence Medical Report plus consultation with a doctor for other health matters: consultation plus $20 -$30 depending on complexity and time required. (with CSC consultation fee plus $19).


  • $45 ($23 with CSC) (DHB funding may be available for emergencies)

Intravenous iron infusion (Ferinject)

  • Vials subsidised by Pharmac: $160 per infusion (maximum 1,000mg per week/infusion, most people can get away with one, some need two). Subsidy criteria are iron deficiency anaemia and ferritin less than 20. Plus standard consultation fee pre-infusion(s). DHB funding may be available for those living in Counties Manukau DHB area with severe anaemia.
  • Non-subsidised: $330 for 500mg, $500 for 1,000mg. (100mg vials available for $58 each extra if an intermediate dose is appropriate.) Maximum of 1,000mg safely given per week. Common requirements are 500-2,000mg. Plus standard consultation fee pre-infusion(s).

Liquid Nitrogen for skin tags and warts (free for children under 13)

  • Doctor: $10 plus doctor consultation charge (also minor skin cancers)
  • Nurse: $10 plus $25 nurse consultation charge. (With CSC, $13 plus consumables of $10).

Medical reports

  • Medical insurance forms, other medical reports, referrals: $20+ depending on complexity and time required
  • MSD/WINZ benefit forms: consultation plus $13.
  • Driver's licence medicals: consultation plus $20-$30 depending on complexity and time needed (consultation plus $19 with CSC)

Minor surgery

  • $300 - $450 depending on complexity - includes follow-up dressings and suture removal (in addition to initial consultation fee)


  • $20 for blood tests with nurse ($13 with CSC) (only available for emergencies or patients with mobility issues)

Punch biopsy

  • $100 -$200 depending on consumables (in addition to initial consultation fee)

Account fee for unpaid amounts

  • $5 per month. Please be aware that we use a debt collection service for unpaid accounts.
  • Payment expected at time of service, or on-line Ellerslie Medical Centre 12-3060-0245732-00

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