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Would not recommend, with a recommendation rating of 1

I wanted to enrol and the guy in the phone was super unhelpful and rude so I ceased the call. And then he rang me back to tell me I’m the one that’s unprofessional, and he was gonna hang up on me. It’s unreal what happened. I’m unprofessional? You’ve got to be kidding me. You rang me back to tell me I’m unprofessional and to hang up on me, like it’s revenge. Sort out your receptionist.

Dear Becky. Thank you for the review. Let us just get one thing straight. When you called to enroll I did mention how we need to do it. In level 3 we can not have walk-ins and I told you I would email you the enrolment for for you to print, fill out and resend it back to me. I would then enroll you into the practice and then I will get the nurse to call you to do a triage phone call before she sets the appointment. You told me that you did not have a printer. I then asked if you could use Adobe to fill the form in as most enrolments I receive is done this way without having to print the form and before I could even recommend another alternative you cut the call on me. Yes, you were unprofessional. Where is it ever acceptable to put the phone down on someone that is actively engaging with you. I try my hardest to accommodate anyone who calls. I am the business owner; Not the receptionist. I really do hope you find a practice that can help you. All the best. Gavin Castle

Would recommend, with a recommendation rating of 5

Lovely family atmosphere, very caring, great admin, nurses, Dr Sasha is very thorough and genuinely cares about your well-being very reasonably priced

Thank you very much for your glowing recommendation. You are very kind. Have a great day and please stay safe.

Would recommend, with a recommendation rating of 5

Dr Sasha is an excellent diagnostic doctor and knows the best treatment methods. I used to see her at a different medical practice and was excited to hear that she had opened in Massey. I travel a considerable distance because I have faith in her knowledge and appreciate the time she takes to fully understand the issues ... over and above the medical side of things.

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8/3 Red Hills Road
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8/3 Red Hills Road
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