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Each GP surgery or primary care practice will have its own procedure for repeat prescribing but the following rules are common to most, if not all. Patients who are well-known to the practice who have a stable condition like asthma, hypertension or diabetes could be allowed to get a repeat prescription for up to six months. Repeat prescriptions are never given to patients who are not known to the practice and there is probably a blanket ban on repeats for narcotics and other drugs that could be misused as doctors are expected to monitor these drugs carefully.

To request repeat prescriptions please click on this link

Repeat medication at Drury Surgery

Whilst as a practice we do not endorse patients getting repeat prescriptions without review, we do appreciate that there are times when this is necessary.

 In all cases regular medical review will be required according to our Repeat Prescription Policy or as agreed with your doctor.

 For medico-legal and ethical reasons, as well as patients' wellbeing, some medical conditions will require a consultation with the doctor at regular intervals.

 Please be aware that there may be times when your doctor declines your request for a repeat prescription because it is deemed more appropriate for you to be reviewed. We are not trying to be obstructive, rather deliver safe care.

 Please allow at least 24 hours or the next working day if a Friday or before a Public Holiday for your doctor to process your prescription request.

We are unable to do same day requests.

See our website for prescription fees

Some pharmacies charge an administration fee if the prescription needs to be faxed.

When making a request for a prescription please ring and speak to one of our practice nurses on (09) 294 8630 option 1. We need to know the correct name and dose of medication. You need to allow at least 24 hours for your doctor to process your prescription request. There is a prescription fee.

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