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Would not recommend, with a recommendation rating of 1

The reason I found this site is because I am looking for new GP, and while I am on it, I'll share my bad experience with NorthCare.

1. I called for 3:30pm appointment and arrived 10 minutes ahead of my schedule, only to discover that they are running late and was only accommodated past 4pm, maybe 4:10pm.

I was accommodated when I checked-in and waited at the doctor's office with all other waiting clients.

2. I had 3 concerns that day. First was an old issue, that never went away. Heavy Breathing issue. Gave me the same stuff prescribed as last time (more nasal sprays, anti-histamine (which I already being taken), plus a skin product which he suggested but I never really inquired about or even a concern. Im sure this was a quick one and probably didnt even lasted 10 minutes.

3. My second concern is about my High Blood Pressure, so he took a blood pressure test. He didnt say what was the reading, but told me this is seriously high and I need to book "another" appointment for this. I said why cant we tackle it today as I have another (3rd) concern for today. I was interrupted that we have to cut short because we are running out of time (considering I have waited almost 40 minutes), and I was told I should have advised I needed more time when I booked the appointment. I was never asked of the time I need when I booked, and I would not know how much time will I need in advanced.

At this point, I am disappointed that I need to wait another time and pay another $58 for a second concern.

4. Also, he told me I know to get a "Blood Pressure Machine" which i thought at that point was a fancy procedure, and will cost me $130. He said if I wanted to do it to, I reluctantly say yes, so i can know more about it. Then we went to the pharmacy to refer me to the pharmacist about the "machine". Turns out he is asking me to buy the Digital Blood Pressure Monitor that I already have at home, albeit manual, since my sister is a nurse. At this point, I already feel they just wanted me to buy more products and book more appointment time.

6. We spend good 5-10 minutes walking around, referring me to the pharmacist and the receptionist for a blood monitor print-out. Which could've been used otherwise to talk about my concerns rather than trying to sell me things I probably already have at home. I wasnt asked if I have monitor at home or how do I do it.

7. Feeling disappointed, I talked to the receptionist about the bad service I am already having so far and I am not happy with my experience. I asked the receptionist to check for me the blood pressure reading I had and it was 180/120, and she told me this is seriously alarming. I wondered if this should be an emergency or atleast someone to look after me or atleast give me something to bring it down. Remember that the BP Reading was taken just when I was calmly consulting about this, as I am already aware that I have high BP all the time.

Overall, I dont think this GP/Facility does not look after the being of their patients or customers. I felt like I am just another person they will earn $58 from everytime and sell products if they can.

The only saving grace is one of the receptionist that recommended me to email Lisa, the Manager, if I have concerns or complains. Not sure if I would still send email them as I have already lost my faith in the facility but may email them anyway to call it out. Definitely moving to a different GP. Not recommending it to my friends or family.

Thank you for getting in touch. I believe you have now spoken to Lisa and resolved any concerns you have. If you have any more questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we may have an opportunity to rectify or make changes if necessary. We value feedback to help improve our patient care and experience. Look after your health and hope your blood pressure improves.

Would not recommend, with a recommendation rating of 1

I broke my toe 3 weeks ago was asked to come back for a review ...this break was acepted by acc... The review took all of 10 min it cost Me $61 no mention of a fee ...for acc.. Really 61 dollars for 10 min pricing given ...wasn't told I'd be charged ...where are your prices listed and why are you not telling people you will be charged this much for a acc follow up ...I was gobsmacked I will not be back and will be saying the same to anyone who asks about this place . .not happy with the response I got when questioned and to top it off all the reports stated right toe when it was my left ... Not a happy customer at all ...

This is very disappointing to read as we have our price list displayed at reception which shows that for all ACC visits the surcharge is $46 during the week and $61 in the weekends which is very competitive. Many tasks are required of the doctor when seeing a patient that are not all completed in front of the patient. So although your time with the doctor was only 10 minutes, the other tasks take some time to make sure your ACC is processed and the right care is given and approved. It is concerning if the details are wrong on your ACC so please don't hesitate to give us a call to amend and rectify this error. If you require further information we will always be happy to help. We do hope you try us again.

Would recommend, with a recommendation rating of 5

Your covid testing nurses are fantastic. I got an email from work 25/1/21 requiring me to get tested in relation to the Pullman case and went straight to your site. I arrived just on five with three cars ahead of me and they said they couldn’t test me as I was too late. When I explained my situation they decided to fit me in. This is particularly appreciated as I know they had already worked a very long and very busy shift. Two MVPs in the team of five million :-)

Thank you for taking the time to write this positive review. All reviews are appreciated as it helps us know what we are doing right and what we can improve on. We are proud of our swabbing team as they have worked so well under pressure and so lovely you took the time to let us know they are doing a good job from a patients perspective. Thanks again.

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