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Pregnancy Care

Because pregnancy care is so important for your health and the health of your baby, it is free for all NZ citizens, residents and many other visa holders. Your midwife will give you advice on keeping yourself healthy in pregnancy and you will be offered regular appointments so your midwife can monitor your progress. Your midwife will be looking out for any signs that you or your baby are becoming unwell. Some conditions in pregnancy may not be obvious to the untrained eye, so attending appointments is vital. Your midwife will order blood tests and ultrasound scans as required. Please make sure you undertake these tests promptly so that any problems can be detected early. If any problems are indentified you will be referred to a hospital specialist, who will make a plan of care with you and your midwife.

Your midwife will talk to you about what you want for your pregnancy and will plan your care with you. You will be asked to think about the kind of labour and birth you would like and your preferences will be recorded. It is a good idea to attend a childbirth education course, especially if this is your first baby. 

Pregnancy Testing

The National Women's Walk-in Centre can provide a  pregnancy confirmation service as well as your own GP. Information about the Walk-in Centre can be found on the National Women's Health website https://nationalwomenshealth.adhb.govt.nz/our-services/maternity/pregnancy-care/walk-in-centre-and-community-clinic/


Pregnancy Check-ups and Tests

First trimester (0 - 14 weeks):
  • Check ups are once a month if all is well with your pregnancy.
  • First trimester screening: Screening can provide some information about the chance of your baby having Down syndrome or another condition. This test requires a blood test and the 12 week ultrasound (see below)
  • Ultrasound: At approximately 12 weeks you have the option of an ultrasound scan. There may be costs associated with this. Please consult your midwife.
  • A blood test will usually be organised at or after your first appointment. Your midwife will discuss and advise you on this.
Second trimester (15 - 28 weeks):
  • Checks ups are once a month if all is well with your pregnancy.
  • Ultrasound: At 18 to 22 weeks you have the option of an ultrasound scan; there may be costs associated with this. Please consult your midwife.
  • Polycose Test: Between 24-28 weeks it is recommended that you do a polycose test. This blood test is to screen for gestational diabetes.  This test is free and carried out at a Diagnostic Medlab.
  • Other blood tests are also usually carried out during the second trimester at the same time as your polycose test. Your midwife will discuss and advise you on this.
Third trimester (29 - 40 weeks):
  • Weeks 29-35: Checkups are once every two weeks if you are in your first pregnancy and monthly with your second or subsequent pregnancy if all is well.
  • Weeks 36-40: Checkups are once a week for your first pregnancy and fortnightly with your second or subsequent pregnancy.
Additional tests during pregnancy:
Consult your midwife if you wish to discuss these:
  • Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)
  • Amniocentesis
  • Maternal Serum Screening

Development of Your Care/Birth Plans

The LMC is responsible for organising your maternity care. They may provide all your care or share the care with one other, or more, practitioners. They also provide information to assist with decision-making during pregnancy, preparation of the birth and for parenting.

Topics will include nutrition, exercise, the risks of smoking and alcohol, labour and the birth process, pain relief, breastfeeding, baby care, immunisation, community services, contraception and many more.

It is important that you have a 24 hour contact number for your LMC and that back-up arrangements have been discussed with you in case your LMC is unavailable at any stage.

If you choose a community midwife at National Women's, she will only be available during the day but you will  be given the delivery unit phone number to contact if you are in labour or concerned about anything regarding your pregnancy which cannot wait until your midwife returns the next day.

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For postnatal care referrals, email commreports@adhb.govt.nz.

Please note, emails are not monitored at weekends.

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