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Sarai Tepou - Pasifika Independent Registered Midwife

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Pregnancy Care

Because pregnancy care is so important for your health and the health of your baby, it is free for all NZ citizens, residents and many other visa holders. Your midwife will give you advice on keeping yourself healthy in pregnancy and you will be offered regular appointments so your midwife can monitor your progress. Your midwife will be looking out for any signs that you or your baby are becoming unwell. Some conditions in pregnancy may not be obvious to the untrained eye, so attending appointments is vital. Your midwife will order blood tests and ultrasound scans as required. Please make sure you undertake these tests promptly so that any problems can be detected early. If any problems are indentified you will be referred to a hospital specialist, who will make a plan of care with you and your midwife.

Your midwife will talk to you about what you want for your pregnancy and will plan your care with you. You will be asked to think about the kind of labour and birth you would like and your preferences will be recorded. It is a good idea to attend a childbirth education course, especially if this is your first baby. 

Google Free pregnancy or antenatal education in your local area.



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Fenugreek Supplements great for lactation

Tongue tie issues

Vitamin K injection for infant

Pulse oximetry screening (Auckland Hospital) two hours post birth

Red Eye Reflex (within 1st week of birth)

Labour Signs Latent and Active Phase

36 weeks Raspberry Leaf Tea recommended

Medications in Pregnancy

Neurokare or iodine in pregnancy

Ferrotab for iron levels in pregnancy

Folate or folic acid for Spina Bifida Prevention



Nuchal Translucency 



1st booking bloods

mss1 12 weeks

24-28 bloods + diabetic screening

36 bloods


If low risk - enquire Birthcare Parnell to birth. FREE if resident.

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