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Creaghan Mitchell



Bachelor of Midwifery, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, 2 November 2004


I was born and raised on the North Shore and moved onto the Coast over 10 years ago. I have been practicing midwifery for 15 years. I feel that birth is an extremely personal and powerful time and women need to feel confident and supported with the choices they make. I am happy to support primary birthing at home, at Warkworth Birthing Unit, and at North Shore Hospital, I am happy to support waterbirth and also women who need a higher level of care with obstetric input. Birth can be natural and drug free but each woman needs to make choices that are right for her, her family/whānau and her particular circumstance. Pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period is an amazing time in any woman's life but when you look back it is also a relatively short time. Becoming a parent and a family is something that lasts forever and I believe that if you lay good foundations at the beginning your journey will be richer. I look forward to sharing this time with you.

Registration Date

9 December 2004

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Warkworth Birthing Centre

220 Rodney Street, Wellsford