Midwifery, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, 8 December 2003


Hi, my name is Gemma Sheehy and I’ve been a registered midwife since 2003. Since graduating from Auckland University of Technology I’ve worked in various settings including being a staff midwife at North Shore Hospital and an independent midwife with Know Your Own Midwife at North Shore Hospital. I’ve case-loaded at Birthcare and, most recently, been a staff midwife at National Women’s, ward 96/98. This is a busy High Risk Antenatal and Postnatal ward which services all of New Zealand.

While my most recent background is with complicated pregnancy I believe pregnancy and childbirth are a normal life event and should be protected and celebrated as such.

Working as a core midwife I’ve missed the passion and continuity of care that independent midwifery practice allows, caring for women from the early antenatal period right through delivery into the postnatal period until discharge at six weeks old.

Married for 30 years, I have 3 grown children and four grandchildren.  I have 3 dogs, 3 cats and 3 fish tanks (I like the number 3; if you’re having your 3rd baby, give me a call). I’m proudly Welsh and have been living in New Zealand for 18 years and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 

My journey into midwifery started after I was a labour/delivery support person for a friend. Although I’ve had three children myself, being on the other side, seeing the valuable input and dynamics that the midwife brought to the delivery, inspired me.

I provide safe midwifery care to ensure the best possible experience to all the women that I have the pleasure of assisting through this special time. I support birthing at North Shore Hospital and run clinics from Bush Road, Albany with postnatal visits being in the women’s home up to five - six weeks postpartum.

Registration Date

8 December 2003

Contact Details

Gemma Sheehy is available at the following service:

This service is available at the following location:

238 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland

  • Marie-Clair McDonald 021-143-0357
  • Karen Morgan           021-871-538
  • Sarah Delooze           021-0844-8343
  • Cherie Cooper           027-417-8527 
  • Gemma Sheehy         021-849-319