Midwifery, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, 8 December 2003


Hi, my name is Karen Morgan and I am a registered midwife with a Bachelor of Health Science (Midwifery). I work on the North Shore of Auckland in a well-established midwifery practice. The birth of my own children has led me to my becoming a midwife, and being an independent midwife works very well for me in fulfilling my midwifery and parenting roles.

Pregnancy and birth are a special time in your life, therefore it is very important to me that my caseload is of a size where I feel I can offer the women I care for the best service where I am not too busy to spend time with them. Each of you will have different needs and it is important you are treated as an individual. I see my role as a facilitator of the birth process whilst encouraging women and their partners to make decisions regarding the care they require. Hoping that by the time they are discharged from my care they have had the birth experience they hoped for and have made the transition into parenthood confidently.

I provide antenatal care to women in their home if they have no transport, otherwise at Maternity Associates. All postnatal care is provided in the community for up to 6 weeks.

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8 December 2003

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238 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland

  • Marie-Clair McDonald 021-143-0357
  • Karen Morgan           021-871-538
  • Sarah Delooze           021-0844-8343
  • Hannah Stevens        021-078-0294
  • Cherie Cooper           027-417-8527 
  • Gemma Sheehy         021-849-319