Congratulations on your pregnancy māmā!

Midwifery to me, is the embodiment of what it means to be human; Science, spirit and service. As your midwife I will walk alongside you during this transformative time, empowering you with evidence-based information and education, rich discussion and collaborative care when required. It is my greatest wish that all women come to see themselves as I see them: our greatest source of life, love, wisdom and strength.

I take a small caseload of women each month, so that I can maintain a good work/life balance. This ensures that both my clients and my family, get the best of me, always. I work closely alongside a team of like-minded, highly experienced midwives within the West Auckland Midwives practice. Together we seek to protect and promote the holistic wellbeing of you and your family during this extraordinary time.

You can email me at lindamichelle.midwife@gmail.com

Registration Date

6 December 2022

Contact Details

Linda Sowerby is available at the following service:

This service is available at the following location:

199 Lincoln Road, Henderson, Auckland

Rachael Hastings: Tel 021 321 611; rachaelhastings7@gmail.com

Nicola Carmody: Tel 021 265 4787
Linda Sowerby: Tel 027 746 9934
Bri Maddox : Tel 027 284 3170
Mila McCambridge: Tel 027 368 8268
Marika Robinson: Tel 022 024 6708