Bachelor of Health Science (Midwifery), Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, 13 November 2009


Hi, Congratulations on your pregnancy. I am a self employed midwife that looks after women from West to Central Auckland. I provide care from early pregnancy up to six weeks after birth for women choosing to birth at home, Birthcare Parnell, Waitakere Hospital and Auckland Hospital. I work with an amazing group of midwives based in Green Bay. We pride ourselves in providing safe, sensitive and individualised care to women and their families. I have a passion for the work that we do as midwives and feel such an honour to be able to support women through this special time in their lives. I would love to talk with you to discuss your pregnancy and options.

Registration Date

3 December 2009

Contact Details

Samantha Lauchlan is available at the following service:

This service is available at the following location:

33 Godley Road, Auckland

  • Kerry Martin: 021 537 791
  • Glenda Southey: 021 980 466
  • Louise Lucas: 021 426 776
  • Roseanne Garty: 021 117 4786
  • Samantha Lauchlan: 021 025 98619
  • Cindy Zheng: 022 372 2120
  • Emma-Jane Cooper: 021 047 7303
  • Annie Menzies: 021 303 909
  • Samantha Salisbury: 021 222 4224