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Sue den Hartog



Midwifery, Auckland Technical Institute, New Zealand, 7 February 1983


My name is Sue den Hartog. I trained as a registered nurse, first working in cardiothoracic areas at Greenlane in 1976, then as a midwife in 1982 through AUT Auckland. I am married to my lovely husband and we have 5 amazing children and 2 gorgeous grandchildren. My social interests are painting, crafts and netball.

I am one of the Christian midwives in the practice but I am happy to look after any women needing a midwife regardless of their beliefs.

I really enjoy my job as a midwife and I bring a wealth of experience firstly as a mum and secondly as an experienced midwife. I have worked in both the hospital and the community and helped establish Manna Midwives 7 years ago.

Giving birth is one of the most special times in a woman’s life. What I most enjoy is walking with women through their journey to being a mum. I love those moments when a mum and dad meet their baby for the first time. Each one is special and a moment to be cherished. Pregnancy, labour and birth are a natural process for most women and I encourage you to keep it as natural as possible. However, I also appreciate that plan A may become plan E or F and I will support women who want a natural birth, water birth, pain relief, epidural or a caesarean (elective or emergency).

I enjoy working with women who have previously had problems breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can be hard for some women and I have a wealth of expertise in this area.

I mostly birth women at Waitakere Hospital but also have access at Auckland and North Shore Hospitals and Birthcare. If you are transferred to any of these hospitals I will continue to look after you and maintain continuity of care.

I work in a practice with 3 other midwives (Julie, Dianne and Aileen). I work more closely with Aileen and Deidre for back up.

As I value quality care I usually take only 4 or 5 women per month so I have enough time to give each woman the care they deserve.

Years of practice: Over 20 years

Back up midwives: Deidre Jeffries, Dianne Squire and Julie Wharton.

Birth facilities attended: Primarily Waitakere Hospital, but if complications develop I maintain continuity of care at North Shore and Auckland Hospitals. For postnatal care I can attend Helensville. I also have access to Birthcare.

Registration Date

7 February 1983

Contact Details

Sue den Hartog is available at the following service:

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274 Te Atatū Road, Te Atatū, Auckland