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Your Rights During Pregnancy and Birth

You have the right:

  • To be treated with dignity, cultural sensitivity and respect at all times
  • To choose your place of birth
  • To choose your caregiver/s and to change your caregiver/s at any time
  • To choose who will be present at your birth and to ask others to leave
  • Before agreeing to any procedures, or being given any drug, medication or test, to ask about any side effects or risks to yourself or your baby. You can accept or refuse any treatments
  • To choose how you will give birth and to feel free to follow your feelings and instincts during birth
  • To have the placenta/ whenua handled with cultural sensitivity
  • If transferred to a large maternity hospital, to be accompanied by your primary caregiver and support people of your choice
  • To refuse to allow your baby to be fed infant milk formula if you choose to breastfeed
  • Not to be separated from your baby
  • To make a complaint and receive satisfactory explanations from your caregiver/s and others involved with your care
  • To read, or have a copy of your medical records and your baby’s medical records
  • To have a trained interpreter if English is not your first language
  • To refuse to take part in any research project or to withdraw from a research project at any time
  • To refuse to allow student health professionals to provide care for you or your baby.

For more information please view the Health and Disability Commisioner website.