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Mental Health & Addictions Service


Residential Support

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Mental health, Addictions - drug & alcohol

Programme Type

Residential alcohol & other drug treatment, Residential support, Respite


North Auckland, East Auckland, Central Auckland, Waikato, West Auckland, South Auckland

Age Groups

Adult / pakeke

Referral Types

Self referral, DHB clinical services

Referral Process

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We offer a number of residential support services, which provide personalised care and rehabilitation for those who need it.

Beach Haven (Oruamo)

Beach Haven is an 8-bed service uniquely combining elements of both residential and community support, where those with mental health issues can effectively work on practical, emotional and social skills that will help them live a fulfilling life within the community.

Beach Haven is for those who would benefit from high levels of complex support and are under care from a community mental health team. The service provides longer-term support.

Abeo House

Meaning ‘Change’ in Latin, Abeo House is an 8-bed residential service. It provides a personalised mental health residential service to assist people get the life they want.

Open to those who are being supported by a local community mental health team, people can stay with us for up to 18 months.

Piri Pono

Piri Pono is a 5-bed residential, acute alternative to hospitalisation. Peer led, it is staffed with both nurses and support workers, making it a rare and special combination. Piri Pono in English means to be loyal, faithful and devoted — an allegiance. The name reflects our practice — a respite home that encourages people to pull together with a focus on independent living and building relationships.

Piri Pono is available to those experiencing extreme mental distress who have been assessed by the Rodney Adult Mental Health Services. Guests are able to stay for up to 10 days in a homelike, personalised environment with a holistic approach to wellness.


Poutama is an 8-bed residential service to assist people experiencing both mental health and alcohol/substance abuse issues move forward in their lives. In Te Reo Māori, Poutama is a stepped pattern of tukutuku panels and woven mats symbolising genealogies and various levels of learning and intellectual achievement. Some say they represent the steps which Tāne-o-te-Wānaga ascended to the topmost realm in his quest for superior knowledge and religion. The tukutuku panels located at this service are called Poutama. The idea is to bring people on board to learn and focus on the progression ladder to wellness.

Puna Whakataa

Puna Whakataa is a 10-bed, Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) respite and treatment residential service in partnership with The Salvation Army. We provide management and peer support work and The Salvation Army provide the clinicians. The English translation is ‘the spring of rest and respite’ meaning an environment created for treatment and respite.


Waatea in Te Reo Māori means ‘a place of clearing’ — bringing people out from institutions with a focus on community living and participation. Waatea is a 7-bed residential service in the Hillcrest Hamilton area for people experiencing mental health issues.

Piki Te Ora

In Te Reo Māori, Piki Te Ora refers to the ascent of wellbeing, or people who are transitioning to be ready to live in the community independently. Piki Te Ora is a 7-bed residential service in the Hillcrest Hamilton area for people experiencing mental health issues.

Hohou Rongo

A 6-bed residential service in the Hillcrest Hamilton area, Hohou Rongo is about working together to achieve peace of mind, body and spirit. It is important to have a well balanced sense of peace within one’s whole being and within whānau, friends and wider community. It is about instilling that spirit of peace within the individual and staff, and creating an environment of Hohou Rongo.

See here for more information on these services or to contact a Team Manager.

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