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Ngā Rau Rākau

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Acute services


Hawkes Bay

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Youth, Adult, Older adult

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DHB clinical services


Ngā Rau Rākau opened on the 19 January 2016 and is a specialised facility designed to keep patients and staff safe while providing a warm and inviting atmosphere. It is a 23 bed ward that is divided into 3 wings:

  • Kahikatea (sub-acute wing):  This is a 6 to 8 bed wing depending on the need and is for people who may require a bit more support and structure than can be provided in the community or for people who need a less acute environment prior to their discharge back home.
  • Kowhai (open wing):  This is a 10 to 14 bed wing depending on the need and is for people who may require a more acute admission to hospital. This is separated into 2 wings that can be split by gender to provide a level of security for people when they are most vulnerable.
  • Pukatea (secure wing):  This is a 3 to 5 bed wing depending on the need and is for people who require a secure environment while they are acutely unwell. People should only require this environment for a short period of time to stabilise before transfer to Kowhai. All patients admitted to Pukatea must be under the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992 as they are unable to leave the wing.

To be able to provide the flexibility with beds, Ngā Rau Rakau has 4 swing beds that can be opened up into different wards but if the swing bed is being used in one ward it cannot be used at the same time in another ward.

We also provide an Intensive Day Programme - Harakeke.


Our ward provides a comprehensive range of specialist staff working in the mental health environments. The staff are made up of a variety of different disciplines and roles, we currently have working in Nga Rau Rakau:

  • Psychiatrists: A medically trained specialist in mental health who, as a doctor, focuses on the definite signs and symptoms of mental illness to formulate a diagnosis and treatment. Psychiatrists are able to prescribe medication.
  • Psychologists: Assess the current emotional and lifestyle problems of clients, their social and family histories, and examine how feelings, actions, beliefs and culture interact to shape the person's experience and difficulties.
  • Social Workers: Look after social and practical needs such as family assistance, welfare benefits, housing, jobs etc.
  • Occupational Therapists: Use activities and occupations to enable people to recover from mental illness. Occupational therapists work with people to regain lost abilities, or to develop new skills and interests.
  • Registered Nurses: Is a registered nurse who provides specialist treatment, care and support for people with emotional, mental and behavioural problems. They are skilled in the specialised use of communication, counselling, psychopharmacology, applying specialty knowledge in the provision of clinical assessment, monitoring, therapeutic interventions, treatment, and referral to other health professionals.
  • Care Associates: Non-clinicians who work with people with mental illness to provide support and practical assistance on the ward.
  • Cleaning staff: Make sure that the ward is clean and hygienic.

Public Transport

Hawke's Bay DHB offers free bus free bus transport for outpatients and their caregiver/support person to and from scheduled appointments at Hawke’s Bay Hospital and at Napier Health.

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Nga Rau Rakau Building
Gate 8, Orchard Road
Hastings Memorial Hospital
Hawke's Bay 4120

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Nga Rau Rakau Building
Gate 8, Orchard Road
Hastings Memorial Hospital
Hawke's Bay 4120

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