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Mirror Primary Care Team

Programme Areas

Mental health

Programme Type

Community based support - mental health


Dunedin - South Otago, Southland, Waitaki

Age Groups

Child / tamariki, Youth / rangatahi

Referral Process

To gain access to this service you must be referred through a Gateway Assessment arranged by Oranga Tamariki in Otago or Southland.


The Mirror Primary Care Team Whakaata Tohu Tohu provides counselling services to children and their whānau/caregivers who are referred through a Gateway Assessment in Otago and Southland. Counselling may be required for a wide range of reasons including:

  • emotional, behavioural or mental health issues
  • family mental health and addiction issues that impact on the child
  • personal, relationship and family challenges
  • trauma, abuse, neglect and violence

We focus our counselling on helping:

  • children/young people feel more secure
  • children/young people develop resilience and thrive
  • improve parent/caregiver and child relationship
  • supporting parents/caregivers to understand and manage their children’s behaviour and underlying issues/needs
  • parents/caregivers develop positive approaches to parenting

We offer:

  • Individual child centered counselling
  • Family inclusive practice, focusing on parent/caregiver child interactions and attachment
  • Referral or support referrrals to educational and/or therapeutic groups as required
  • Linking, referral and support to primary caregivers or family to services to address their own needs as required

Mirror Primary Care Team are located on the 8th Floor of Evan Parry House

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