Re-centre is an innovative private psychiatric and psychological medicine clinic in the Auckland city centre, a part of the nationwide Evolution Healthcare (NZ) Limited group of medical specialty services. 

Within Re-centre, visiting specialists and clinical experts present leading-edge assessment and diagnostic services, and a broad range of treatment and therapy options to all New Zealanders and visitors.

Re-centre offers expertly-facilitated shared therapy courses (group programs) and individual therapies to clients following specialist assessment, diagnostic advice and collaborative care planning.

Re-centre leads private care using comprehensive modern information technologies to optimise care, connect with individuals and communicate with healthcare colleagues as referrers of their patients.

From our use of modern technologies to thoughtfully personalised professional care, Re-centre aims to become the proven mind-health provider in New Zealand for the 21st century.

Our expertise is in mild to moderate mind-health issues within the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression & mood
  • Dependencies
  • Trauma & stress
  • Child & adolescent care
  • Psychosis
  • Development disorders
  • Perinatal services
  • Substance and behavioural addictions


Our team is made up of Consultant Psychiatrists (below) and


Referral Expectations

Please call us today on (09) 884 8350 to understand and book into our services.

Re-centre also welcomes referrals from general practitioners, medical and psychological co-specialists, attending legal representatives and other care professionals, for expert psychiatric and psychological services (assessment, diagnostic and medico-legal reporting, care and management) to independently-funded people of all ages.

See here for more information on referring a patient to Re-centre.


Re-centre is a private healthcare service. Fees vary depending on your point of assessment or course of treatment.

To clarify the fees around all services, our reception team can help.  Please call 09 884 8350.



At Re-centre we have specialists who are contracted by ACC to deliver services. We are also a NIB First Choice Provider, and an Affiliated Provider to Southern Cross Health Society for selected services.


  • Expert Consultation

    In an initial consultation, people referred to Re-centre (and their carers, with consent) meet one of our specialist psychiatrists for an expert assessment and advice.… More

  • Shared Therapy Courses

    We provide a range of shared courses of therapy, personalised to your experience, goals and needs.… More

  • 1:1 Personal Therapy

    Re-centre team members are broadly skilled in compassionate, confidential and expert therapies for people seeking effective treatment approaches.… More

  • Neurostimulation TMS Therapy

    Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy: a safe treatment option.
    TMS is a painless, effective and non-invasive procedure known to improve symptoms of depression and other disorders for many sufferers.… More

  • E-tools

    Re-centre leads private psychological health care in New Zealand with innovative digital tools, helping patients and healthcare professionals actively engage in care plans. … More

  • Complementary Support

    At Re-centre, we embrace modern holistic health concepts and multi-dimensional approaches to healthcare.… More


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Level 3
12-16 Nicholls Lane
Auckland 1010

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Level 3
12-16 Nicholls Lane
Auckland 1010

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PO BOX 105101
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