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Sarona Community Trust provides a safe, peaceful and homely environment for residents. Staff input is pitched to inspire hope, nurture dreams and support clearly defined and negotiated recovery pathways for residents. Sarona is a non-governmental faith-based Christian organisation that is flexibly integrated into the mental health sector and as such works in collaboration with Specialist Mental Health Services (SMHS) and other Non-Government Organisation (NGO) partners


Residential Care

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Mental health

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Residential support



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Adult / pakeke

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DHB clinical services

Referral Process

Who can come?

There are different categories of care. In its two facilities, Sarona Trust has room for 9 residents recovering from a psychiatric illness (Care Level 3).

Those wishing to access these places need to be referred by their Case Manager to the Residential Options Group of CDHB. Most stay a maximum of 2-3 years.

Another 4 rooms are available for Carer Support services and Boarders who enjoy being part of our family.


Our friendly, well-trained staff provide a 24-hour service and are committed to working towards the best possible outcome for each resident.

Sarona staff use the Recovery Star programme to form the basis of the residents' personalised recovery. This allows close monitoring of their progress.


The Programmes have been developed to meet the needs of individual residents, promoting the skills and self-confidence needed for independence. They cover:

  • Personal: Self-care, budgeting, cooking, housekeeping, sewing, gardening, nutrition and exercise.
  • Self development: self-awareness and esteem; personal development sessions and spiritual growth; hobbies, informal study of personal interests, care of domestic animals (hens and cat). A professional artist tutors weekly, and guest speakers inform residents of supports available in the wider community.
  • Employment and education: basic computer skills, attendance at suitable activities, and educational courses with a variety of providers can lead into voluntary and part-time work.
  • Recreational opportunities: arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor games, social outings, swimming and walking.


  • Skills programme and household shopping, on Tuesday mornings
  • Swimming at Pioneer Pool, every Tuesday afternoon
  • Art sessions, weekly on Wednesday (June Pearson)
  • Guest speakers, on Wednesday afternoon
  • Gardening, every Thursday morning
  • Appreciating Me continues to run on Thursday afternoon
  • Library - every Thursday
  • Exercises or city walk for approximately 1 hour every Friday morning and Monday afternoon
  • Visit to shopping mall every Friday
  • Dietitan visits 6 weekly
  • Foot Care Nurse as needed 
  • Some residents attend Southwest Baptist Church Sunday service and the Tuesday Night Fellowship


Our friendly, well-trained staff are committed to working towards the best possible outcome for each resident. All have supervision and on-going training as part of their professional development.


Office Hours:

 Monday - Friday  8.30am - 4.30pm

Residential care is a 24-hour service.

Contact Details

  • Resident's Phone

    (03) 338 7960

26 Cedars Street
Hoon Hay
Canterbury 8025

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26 Cedars Street
Hoon Hay
Canterbury 8025

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