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Segar House - Rauaroha Intensive Day-Programme

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What is the Segar House - Rauaroha Intensive Day-Programme?
The Intensive Day Programme is a comprehensive service for up to eight individuals at a time who have longstanding psychological difficulties. It is designed to help people who are experiencing significant disruption or suffering in their lives due to problems such as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), long-term depression, and severe anxiety disorders. The programme has particular expertise in the treatment of chronic suicidal and self-harm behaviours.
It is intended to help people who have tried other forms of treatment with limited success and where intensive support is needed to cope with the process of therapy.  Clients stay in the programme for up to 18 months. People who live in central and north & west Auckland are eligible to enter the programme.

From Monday to Thursday, clients attend an intensive day programme at the Segar House - Rauaroha office building in Grafton. This involves individual therapy and  group therapy (including mindfulness meditation, psychodynamic therapy, mentalization,and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy skills training groups).

Please note: the former regional residential programme closed on 30 June 2007. It has been replaced by this sub-regional intensive day-programme for service users of the Auckland and Waitemata District Health Boards.

Referral Expectations

Segar House - Rauaroha is a specialist service and unfortunately cannot accept self-referrals or GP referrals. However if you are interested in attending we recommend that you first discuss a referral to Segar House - Rauaroha with your key worker in your Community Mental Health Centre (or with your private therapist).
Once a referral has been made and accepted as suitable, you will receive an appointment for an assessment for suitability interview. Assessment may take 2 or more sessions.  If the assessors feel a Segar House - Rauaroha programme is not appropriate for you once the assessment is complete, other options will be discussed and recommendations made. 
Once accepted, there will be a period of waiting before a space becomes available. Please feel free to phone us for more information on (09) 377 2602.
Shared Care: We are a very small service and we must use our resources wisely & efficiently. We can only operate effectively if we share your care with the referrer (and crisis/inpatient teams, where necessary). This means that for intensive day-programme clients the referrer is required to maintain contact during their placement in the programme and agree to accept them back at discharge.


There are no fees to clients for this service.  It is provided as part of the publicly funded mental health service.

Procedures / Treatments

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

    The main treatment model in the intensive day-programme is called Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT).… More

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Information for Mental Health Professionals

Click on the following link for a referral form for the Intensive Day Programme.

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