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Segar House - Rauaroha Outpatient Programme

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8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.


What is the Segar House Outpatient Programme?

The Outpatient Programme is designed for adults who have a wide range of emotional, psychological, and psychiatric disorders. For example, long standing or severe or difficult-to-treat depression, anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and personality difficulties. Most are currently being treated or have been treated by Community Mental Health Centres, Specialist Mental Health Services, or other secondary mental health treatment providers. Underlying clients symptoms there is often a history of physical or emotional/psychological abuse or neglect, or sexual abuse, abandonment, loss, and other trauma experiences. Most patients have difficulties in their relationships with other people and with their self-esteem. People with alcohol/drug or eating disorders may make use of the programme as part of their treatment once their symptoms are under control.

The programme consists mainly of group therapy. In a small number of cases we may be able to offer individual therapy; this is generally restricted to clients who are attending a group programme. There is a range of different therapy groups that clients can be referred to. The most suitable group for the client is decided at assessment and in consultation with the client and referrer. Most clients enter the Outpatient Programme via the Skills Group. However, depending on individual client need there may be direct entry into other groups. Clients may move from one group to another as they progress in therapy. Each of the groups listed below takes 8 - 10 participants, both male and female.

The Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Informed Skills Group , The Mentalisation Based Group, The Interpersonal Group


Referral Expectations

As a small mental health specialist service Segar House – Rauaroha takes referrals from Community Mental Health Centres (CMHCs) and other secondary/tertiary services, and unfortunately cannot accept self referrals, GP referrals or other primary healthcare sector referrals.

The Outpatient Programme is only available to people who reside within the Central (ADHB) or North & West (WDHB) districts of Auckland. It is not suitable for people who are currently in crisis and/or have current psychotic symptoms, are currently abusing alcohol/drugs or are seeking personal growth in the absence of severe psychological problems. People with alcohol/drug or eating disorders may make use of the programme as part of their overall treatment once their symptoms are under control.

Once a referral has been made and accepted as suitable, you will receive an appointment for an assessment interview (or orientation meeting in the case of the Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Informed Skills Group). If the assessor feels a Segar House - Rauaroha programme is not appropriate for you once the assessment is complete, other options will be discussed and recommendations made. 
Once accepted, there may be a period of waiting before a space becomes available.  Please feel free to phone us for more information on (09) 377 2602.


There are no fees to clients for this service.  It is provided as part of the publicly funded Mental Health Service.


8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Mon – Fri8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

For urgent assistance after hours 7 days a week: 0800 800 717

Procedures / Treatments

  • Psychotherapy

    Psychotherapy is a treatment & healing approach which uses talking and communication to improve a person’s mental health, or to improve relationships (such as in a family or a group).… More

  • Group Therapy

    Group therapy is a form of psychotherapy during which one or two therapists treat a small group of clients together as a group.… More

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Tea and coffee are provided.

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Information for Mental Health Professionals

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