Dispensing Services

Adherence Packaging (sachet/blister packs)

Are you on four meds or more? Get FREE prescriptions* FREE sachet packing and  FREE delivery!

Maybe you are currently using a blister pack, but finding it difficult to open? Try out ZOOM’s easy-to-open sachet packs instead.

ZOOM will sort all your meds, putting them into easy to open, state-of-the-art, sachet packs.

Just tear the sachet open and take the correct dose, at the right time, every day. Travelling? Simply tear off the sachets you need and take them with you.

Managing your medication has never been easier.

Contact Details

Medicines delivered direct to your doorstep

Prescription medicines delivered direct, repeats organised for you. Ask your medical centre to EMAIL or FAX your prescription to ZOOM Pharmacy or select/enter ZOOM Pharmacy in your patient portal (when it asks you for your chemist/pharmacy name). Important: include your mobile number on your prescription. 

Postal Address

PO Box 90685
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142

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