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Anaesthesia Auckland Limited

Private Service, Anaesthesia


8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Anaesthesia Auckland Limited
Anaesthesia Auckland Limited is located at:

Suite 5
Auckland Surgical Centre Building
9 St Marks Road
Auckland 1050

Ph: (09) 523 3580
Fax: (09) 520 0124

Anaesthesia Auckland Limited provides office facilities and business support services, including booking services, to a close affiliation of individual, independent, specialist anaesthetists working in private practice. Anaesthetic services are provided by the individual specialists who cover all anaesthetic sub-specialties and enjoy strong working relationships with all major private hospitals. Referrals to any anaesthetist affiliated with Anaesthesia Auckland Limited should be from medical specialists. Anaesthesia Auckland Limited is not, in itself, a health provider.

What is Anaesthesia?
You are given an anaesthetic when you have surgery so that you don’t feel pain during the operation. There are different types of anaesthesia and the type you receive will depend on a number of factors, such as the type of operation or procedure you are having and any underlying health problems. Your anaesthetic will be given to you by a doctor who has specialised in anaesthesia - your anaesthetist. Anaesthetic services are provided by your selected anaesthetist at your nominated hospital or surgical centre. No anaesthetic services are provided at the offices of Auckland Anaesthesia Limited.  There are 3 main components of your anaesthetic care - preoperative assessment, the anaesthetic for surgery, and post-operative care in recovery and beyond.

Pre-operative Assessment

You will often be asked to fill in a health questionnaire before coming to hospital, usually given to you by your surgeon. This is reviewed by your anaesthetist prior to meeting you, and is an important part of the assessment process.
Your anaesthetist will meet you some time prior to surgery, commonly on the actual day. You will be asked questions about your pre-existing health state, previous anaesthetic experiences, medications you take and other issues. The anaesthetic plan will be discussed with you and your consent obtained in writing. You will have the chance to ask any questions you might have at this stage.

The anaesthetist may prescribe medications for you to take prior to theatre, such as pain relief medicines, stomach acid medicines, and/or sedatives.

Care During Surgery

Your anaesthetist is present with you throughout your surgery or procedure. Your anaesthetist constantly monitors your vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, level of oxygenation etc. Medications to control your level of consciousness, post-op pain, and other factors are administered. Intravenous fluids and sometimes blood transfusions are given as needed.  

Postoperative Care

When your operation is over, you will be taken to a special recovery area where your condition will be monitored as you recover from the anaesthetic. Once you are awake, comfortable and stable you are moved to a hospital ward bed if you are staying overnight, or a second stage recovery area from where you go home.

Anaesthesia Auckland Limited provides office facilities and business support services, including booking services, to the following specialist anaesthetists:

Consultant Title
Dr Brian Anderson Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Bruce Anderson Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Kerryn Bunbury Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Robert Burrell Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Andrew Cameron Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr David Chamley Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Ian Chapman Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Tin Lun Chiu Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Jeremy Cooper Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Graeme Crooks Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Jonathan Cross Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Amanda Dawson Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Giuseppe Di Bartolo Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Christopher Elias Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Anne Elliott Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Richard Hayward Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Manoja Kalupahana Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Kishor Kanji Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Alison Kirkman Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Cornelis Kruger Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Nicholas Lightfoot Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Charlie Marshall Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Kaye Ottaway Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Jayesh Patel Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Andrew Reid Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Matthew Robinson Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Fiona Russell Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Grant Ryan Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Francois Stapelberg Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Yan Joyce Tai Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Su Sien Thon Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Ruth Wall Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Stuart Walker Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Gerry Willemsen Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Niall Wilton Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Warrick Wrightson Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr Johanna Rose Specialist Anaesthetist
Dr David Heather Specialist Anaesthetist


Anaesthesia Auckland Limited provides booking and billing services only for to the following specialist anaesthetists:

Dr Rebecca Branch
Dr Allan Brown
Dr Dean Bunbury
Dr Grace Chang
Dr David Choi
Dr Carolyn Deng
Dr Kaveh Djamali
Dr Felicity Dominick
Dr Mark Fisher
Dr Cath Francis
Dr Bob Grieve
Dr Nicola Hooper
Dr Marian Hussey
Dr Sarah Kennedy
Dr Jaime O’Loughlin
Dr Jonathan Minton
Dr Titaina Palacz
Dr Elitza Sardareva
Dr Jeanette Scott
Dr Damian Simpson
Dr Jo Sinclair
Dr Gus Talab
Dr Daniel Wood

Referral Expectations

Referrals to Anaesthetists should be from Medical Specialists.


Anaesthetists' fees vary from anaesthetist to anaesthetist, patients undergoing surgery may request an estimate from their anaesthetist. 

Patients will be sent an invoice from their anaesthetist after their surgery has taken place.  Some anaesthetists may request payment in advance of surgery.  These patients are advised in writing of the amount to be paid.

Anaesthetists' fees are generally made up of Base units - dependent upon the type of procedure the patient is undergoing and Time units - the time that the patient is in the care of the anaesthetist.  Time units are usually 15 minute intervals or part thereof.  Additional units called modifying units may be charged due to age, health (ASA), weight (BMI) and out of hours service.

There are procedures (in particular cosmetic procedures) when an anaesthetist may request payment in advance of surgery. 

Payment for anaesthetists fee can be made by: Cash (deposit through ASB Bank), Cheque, Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa) or Internet banking.


8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Mon – Fri8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Procedures / Treatments

  • General Anaesthesia

    You are put into a state of unconsciousness either by the injection of an anaesthetic medication into a vein or by breathing in a mixture of gases.… More

  • Regional Anaesthesia

     A nerve block numbs the part of the body where the surgeon operates.This is often used for surgery on the hand,arm,hip or knee and for Caesarian sections.Examples include spinal and epidural anaesthesia,arm blocks and eye blocks.Local anaesthetic is injected near the major nerve pathways to the part of the body… More

  • Complications from Anaesthesia

    Complications may include: the patient being allergic to the anaesthetic, the dose given may be too high, or the anaesthetic effect has taken effect faster than wanted. Where complications occur, it is generally in connection with general anaesthesia.… More

  • Local Anaesthesia

    Local anaesthetic is injected directly into or around the area being operated on, causing that area to go numb.… More

Visiting Hours

Check with the hospital in which your surgery will take place for visiting hours.

Travel Directions

The administration office of Anaesthesia Auckland Limited is situated at Suite 5, 1st Floor of the Auckland Surgical Centre Building, 9 St Marks Road, Remuera.  Opposite the on ramp to the Southern Motorway.

St Marks Road connects Manukau and Remuera Roads.

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Public Transport

Public transport does not run along St Marks Road.  There are regular bus services that operate along Manukau and Remuera Roads. 

The Link Bus operates along Manukau Road.

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Patient parking is available at the front and rear of the building.  Parking under the building is for medical and administration staff only.

We recommend that elderly patients or patients who have mobility problems are dropped at the front door before the driver parks the car and that patients access Suite 5 by lift.


There is no Pharmacy in the Auckland Surgical Centre Building.


The building is monitored with close circuit television cameras.

Contact Details

Suite 5
9 St Marks Road
Auckland 5

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Street Address

Suite 5
9 St Marks Road
Auckland 5

Postal Address

Anaesthesia Auckland Limited
P O Box 109684
Auckland 1149

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