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Face Lift (MACS)

The MACS-Lift (minimal access cranial suspension) is an effective face lift operation that is designed to lift the lower two thirds of the face in a relatively straightforward manner with minimal inconvenience.  Only a limited amount of excess skin is removed, resulting in an inconspicuous scar in the crease in front of the ear.  In contrast to most other face lift techniques, the MACS-Lift can be performed under local anaesthetic and light sedation.  Liposuction under the chin may also be carried out at the same time for an improved result in the neck.

Many individuals between 35 and 70 years of age may be suitable for this type of superficial plane face lift.  It is best for people whose neck and facial skin has begun to sag, but who still have some elasticity and muscular tone.

The following features can be improved:

 - Deep grooves that run from the corner of the mouth to the nose
 - Wrinkles and sagging skin near the cheek bones
 - The jaw line where there is early 'squaring off' and 'jowling'
 - Loose skin of the neck and under the chin

A MACS-Lift is also an excellent procedure for patients who have previously undergone a face lift and require a touch up procedure.

In the MACS-Lift the surgical incision is confined to front of the ear and there is less undermining of skin and therefore less swelling and bruising than in other types of face lift.  Permanent sutures are used to suspend the facial tissues and the skin is re-draped once everything is secure.  Special tissue glue is used to give smooth results and to speed recovery and an Aqua Cool device is applied post procedure to reduce swelling and bruising and for increased comfort.

How is a MACS-Lift performed?

The procedure is 'day stay' at KM Surgical and performed under light sedation and tumescent anaesthesia.  Once anaesthetised, the procedure will take approximately 180 minutes.

An incision is made on pre-marked skin in front of the ears, where dissection (separation of the skin and underlying tissue) is performed after administration of an anaesthetic fluid (hydro dissection).  The underlying tissue is then elevated and the skin repositioned and moulded with a fibrin tissue glue.  The excess skin in front of the ear is removed and the skin flap is re-draped and meticulously repaired.

Is MACS-Lift suitable for me?

You will first need to have a consultation with Dr Macdonald to assess your suitability for the procedure, and to discuss possible undesired effects and any contraindications.   Blood tests will be required prior to this procedure and you must not smoke any cigarettes if you are considering this procedure.  Sometimes when patients need a MACS-Lift they might also benefit from other procedures such as eyelid surgery and neck skin tightening may also be undertaken.  Generally a period of several weeks is advised between your consultation and your final decision to proceed with the MACS-Lift so that you can research things properly and make plans to fit with your schedule.  Allow at least 10 days for recovery after the procedure.

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