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Excel V™ 1064nm Laser for Leg Veins

Why Long Pulse Nd:YAG for Leg Veins?

While lasers with wavelengths in the range from 520 to 600nm are excellent at treating superficial vascular conditions, these wavelengths scatter in the skin and do not penetrate sufficiently deep to treat deeper vascular conditions. This makes conditions such as leg veins, venous lakes and port wine stains a challenge for these visible lasers.

Cutera's Excel V™ includes a long pulse 1064nm mode that is ideal for treating these deeper vascular conditions. The 1064nm wavelength provides deeper penetration than 532nm or pulsed dye lasers, and the Excel V™ laser delivers sufficient energy to allow independent control without compromise of fluence, pulse duration, spot size, or repetition rate.

The Excel V™ laser includes the Nd:YAG capabilities originally introduced with the Cutera CoolGlide™, the first clinically effective long pulsed Nd:YAG laser for lower extremity vascular lesions and an award winner as the best laser for leg veins. Excel V's™ laser power is delivered through a new handpiece that includes continuous contact cooling and a wider range of spot size for improved ease of use and control.

The Excel V™ laser 1064nm can be used for blue facial veins as well.

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