Fertility Preservation and Cancer

There are a number of reasons why people may look to preserve their fertility. These reasons may either be health related or possibly for social reasons such as wanting to leave having children until later in life.

This section is also for people who are about to have chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery that may affect their fertility. Facing a diagnosis of cancer is a traumatic and difficult time, and there will be many tough decisions to make.

Treatments to help fight cancer may also affect your ability to have children. Fortunately, if you want to be a parent following treatment you still may be able to fulfil that dream.

For Women, the options are:

  • Egg Freezing and Storage - Egg freezing may be useful in a number of clinical scenarios, such as a woman who is about to undergo treatment for cancer or when a single woman wishes to preserve her fertility more.
  • Ovarian Tissue Freezing and Storage - This technique may be used to help women at risk of losing ovarian function due to radiotherapy or chemotherapy as treatment for cancer more.

For Men, the options are:

  • Sperm Freezing and Storage - Long-term storage of sperm is almost always possible before various types of medical treatment that can damage sperm production more.
  • Testicular Tissue Freezing and Storage - The freezing of testicular tissue is recommended when testicular tissue is obtained for diagnostic purposes

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