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Waitematā Endoscopy

Private Service, Gastroenterology & Hepatology (Liver)

Endoscopic Ultrasound

Endoscopic Ultrasound is a procedure where the doctor uses a thin flexible endoscope with a camera and an ultrasound probe on it to investigate your internal organs. The endoscope is passed through your mouth, down your throat and oesophagus to the stomach and possibly the small bowel. EUS allows your doctor to examine the lining and the walls of your gastrointestinal tract with the camera, and then also to study organs that lie outside but adjacent to the gastrointestinal tract with the ultrasound.

EUS will provide your doctor with a detailed picture of your anatomy and therefore help to diagnose diseases of the pancreas, bile duct, gallbladder and chest. EUS helps your doctor determine the extent of certain growths and to accurately assess their depth and whether there is spread to adjacent lymph glands or other organs. In some patients EUS can be used to obtain tissue samples to help your doctor determine the proper treatment, or to drain cysts. This is called FNA (fine needle aspiration).

Please note this procedure is only available at the Northern Clinic, Southern Cross North Harbour Campus, 212 Wairau Road, Wairau Valley, Auckland.


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