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Gary Stone graduated from Auckland University in 1979 and trained in Surgery in Wellington.

He was in Britain from 1988-1991, completing his post-fellowship training and specialising in endoscopic surgery.

Gary began his consultant practice in Wellington in 1991 and was the first surgeon in Wellington to perform the majority of the laparoscopic procedures performed today, including appendicectomy. He was also the first surgeon in Wellington to provide a private colonoscopy service.

Dr Stone is a Fellow of Royal Australasian College Surgeons and a Member of Association of General Surgeons.

Gary's primary place of work is Southern Cross Hospital in Wellington City, and he also has clinics in  Kapiti Coast  where he provides his Laparoscopic Surgery Ltd practice.

What is General Surgery?
The role of the General Surgeon varies, but in broad terms general surgery can be said to deal with a wide range of conditions within the abdomen, breast, neck, skin and, in many hospitals, vascular (blood vessel) system.
While the name would suggest that the focus of general surgery is to perform operations, often this is not the case. Many patients are referred to surgeons with conditions that do not need surgical procedures, but merely require counselling or medical treatment.
What is Laparoscopic Surgery?
Laparoscopic (or keyhole) surgical procedures are performed through several small cuts (incisions) usually only 5-10mm long, rather than through one large incision.
A long, narrow surgical telescope (laparoscope) that has a tiny camera and light source attached, is inserted through one of the incisions so that the surgeon can view the inside of the body on a TV monitor.
The surgeon then passes specially designed surgical instruments through the other incisions and carries out the procedure using the TV monitor to guide the instruments.

Laparoscopic surgery is usually associated with less blood loss during surgery and less pain and scarring following surgery. In most cases, time spent in hospital is less and overall recovery time from the operation is less than with conventional open surgery.

Many surgeries are performed laparoscopically these days, particularly hernia surgery, gallbladder surgery and bowel surgery.

Gastroscopy can usually be arranged the same day or next day.  Colonoscopy can be arranged within three days. Screening colonoscopy is advisable for those who have a family history of bowel cancer:

  1. if a first degree relative (father, mother, brother, sister, child) has had bowel cancer before age 55
  2. if two first degree relatives have had bowel cancer at any age
  3. if you have had polyps or cancer previously
  4. if you have had colitis for many years.

Colonoscopy is also the best screening test for bowel cancer and I recommend it for all, at age 50 -60, even without family history.


Referral Expectations

When you come to your appointment, your surgeon will ask questions about your illness and examine you to try to determine or confirm the diagnosis. This process may also require a number of tests (e.g. blood tests, x-rays, scans etc). Sometimes this can all be done during one visit, but for some conditions this will take several follow-up appointments. Occasionally some tests are arranged even before your appointment to try to speed up the process.
Once a diagnosis has been made, your surgeon will discuss treatment with you. In some instances this will mean surgery, while other cases can be managed with medication and advice. If surgery is advised, the steps involved in the surgical process and the likely outcome are usually discussed with you at this time.


Routine consultation fee for new patients is usually $265 (incl GST). Additional charges are made if procedures are performed.

I belong to the Southern Cross affiliated provider scheme for endoscopy, hernia surgery and gallbladder surgery and will help to streamline the prior approval and claims processes for Southern Cross members. Please contact me for further assistance.

Southern Cross Hospital in Wellington has a contract to provide hernia surgery for ACC. The patient does not need to pay anything for the consultation or the surgery. Your GP will begin the process by completing an ACC form at the time of your consultation if you have experienced a sudden pain in the groin immediately following straining or lifting.


Please call me direct on 0274 434994 to arrange urgent appointments for immediate consultation, Southern Cross Specialist Centre: Wednesdays 150 Kapiti Road clinic (Pacific Radiology) : alternate Monday afternoons. Waikanae Specialist Centre: alternate Mondays

Procedures / Treatments

  • Hernias

    A hernia exists where part of the abdominal wall is weakened, and the contents of the abdomen push through to the outside.… More PDF

  • Sportsman's Hernia

    Over recent years it has become apparent that hernia operations can successfully treat muscular tears in the inguinal canal, called conjoined tendon tears.… More PDF

  • Gallbladder and Gallstones

    Please click here for patient information about the treatment of gallstones.… More PDF

  • Colonoscopy

    This is a procedure which allows the doctor to see inside your large bowel and examine the surfaces directly and take biopsies (samples of tissue) if needed.… More

  • Gastroscopy

    This is a procedure which allows the doctor to see inside your oesophagus, stomach, and the first part of the small intestine (duodenum) and examine the lining directly.… More

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

    There are two types of IBD, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease.… More

  • Colectomy (Bowel Resection)

    Laparoscopic: several small incisions (cuts) are made in the abdomen and a narrow tube with a tiny camera attached (laparoscope) is inserted.… More

  • Haemorrhoids

    Haemorrhoids are a condition where the veins under the lining of the anus are congested and enlarged.… More

  • Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

    Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) is caused by the backflow (reflux) of food and stomach acid into the oesophagus (the tube that connects the mouth to the stomach) from the stomach.… More PDF

  • Skin Disorders

    Skin conditions dealt with by general surgery include lumps, tumours and other lesions of the skin and underlying tissues.… More


Coffee and tea available in waiting room.

Travel Directions

Hanson Street is located off John Street. From the Basin Reserve, drive down Adelaide Road towards the public hospital. Turn right at the first major intersection (where there is a fork in the road, but turn right into John Street rather than take either fork). Turn immediately left (ie at the first street on the left) and the Centre is 100 metres on the right.

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There is offstreet car parking immediately outside the Southern Cross Specialist Centre at 90 Hanson Street.

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