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Clinical Genetics Auckland

Private Service, Genetics, Fertility


Clinical Genetics Auckland (CGA) provides both specialised genetic counselling and assessments as well as information, education and supportive counselling on:

  • The diagnosis of a genetic condition
  • Pre-conception testing and advice 
  • Family medical history and implications
  • Cancer risk assessment and gene testing
  • Risk for current pregnancy or future pregnancies
  • Options for having a family when you have genetic risks. 

They can also discuss the potential outcomes of genetic testing including Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS), cancer gene testing, chromosomal translocations and offer pre-conception advice in regards to genetic testing options.


We offer in person consults in Auckland and telehealth appointments nationwide.


Registered Senior Genetic Counsellors: Jenny Eaton and Kim Gamet

How do I access this service?


You can self refer or be referred by your specialist, GP or Lead Maternity Carer (LMC).

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Procedures / Treatments

  • Genetic Counselling and Testing


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Ascot Central
7 Ellerslie Racecourse Drive
Auckland 1051

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Ascot Central
7 Ellerslie Racecourse Drive
Auckland 1051

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Private Bag 28910
New Zealand 1541

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