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Dr Mark Kennedy - Private Internal Medicine Specialist

Private Service, Internal Medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology & Hepatology (Liver), Respiratory


8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


As a Specialist Physician, Dr Kennedy  sees patients with a range of cardiology, respiratory/chest, gastroenterology (including liver), neurology, endocrinology, haematology, nephrology and rheumatology conditions. He has a broad range of interests including chest pain, ischaemic and valvular heart disease, cardiac rhythm disturbances, syncope, difficult hypertension, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, pericarditis, dyslipidaemia, gastro-oesophageal reflux, peptic ulcer, coeliac and liver disease. He is experienced in the management of chest diseases including asthma, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiectasis, COPD, emphysema, respiratory failure, lung cancer, pleural disease, non-tuberculous mycobacterial disease, sarcoidosis, asbestos-related pleural disease, asbestosis, interstitial lung disease, Aspergillus lung disease, DVT, pulmonary embolism and disordered breathing/hyperventilation. He also cares for patients with cerebrovascular disease, headache, thyroid and non-viral liver disease (fatty liver, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis NASH, autoimmune hepatitis, primary biliary cholangitis etc), cirrhosis, haemochromatosis, polymyalgia rheumatica, giant cell arteritis, gout, inflammatory arthritis, fibromyalgia, haematological conditions, osteoporosis and fatigue.

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for Cardiology

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for Internal Medicine

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for Gastroscopy

Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for Lung Function

Our team prides itself on a patient-focused, evidence-based approach to care.

We offer a broad range of procedures through the practice:  

  • ECG
  • Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT) or Exercise Test/Exercise ECG
  • Echocardiography (TTE or Echo), Bubble Study
  • Exercise Stress Echocardiography
  • Coronary Artery Calcium Score
  • Holter and Event Monitor
  • 24-hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM)
  • Elective Electrical Cardioversion
  • Gastroscopy
  • Liver Biopsy
  • Spirometry including pre and post-bronchodilator
  • Full Lung Function Testing, including DLCO and FeNO
  • Pleural Procedures

Dr Kennedy has been a Northland DHB Specialist General Physician since 1991, and has worked in private practice as a Specialist in Internal Medicine since 1996. He is New Zealand trained, and qualified as MBChB (Otago) in 1981, and attained the FRACP in 1987. He is affiliated with the Ascot Cardiology Group and is also a consultant in the General Medicine, Respiratory and Liver Services at Northland District Health Board. He has been involved in the care of patients in the Wards, Coronary Care and Intensive Care Units at Whangārei Hospital and at Northland's Private Kensington Hospital. He undertakes Public Hospital Clinics, seeing patients with General Medical, Respiratory, Cardiac, Hepatic and Upper Gastrointestinal disease. 

Dr Kennedy offers the broadest range of investigative procedures of any of the Physicians in Northland.

Dr Kennedy works closely with a small, highly experienced team; Specialist Nurse Cherie at the Private Rooms, Nurses with Cardiology expertise with exercise testing, Michael an experienced Cardiac Sonographer and Clinical Respiratory Physiologists.  

What is a Specialist Physician or Internal Medicine Specialist?
A Consultant General Physician is a highly trained specialist who provides a range of non-surgical healthcare to adult patients. He cares for difficult, serious or unusual medical problems, when the diagnosis may be difficult. The General Physician's broad training provides expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting different body systems, and in a variety of medical procedures essential for the diagnosis and management of severe and complex illness. Much of a General Physician’s work takes place with outpatients in clinics and with hospitalised patients, both private and public. A General Physician is frequently asked to review patients before surgery. He advises a Surgeon of a patient's risk status, and can recommend appropriate management to minimise the risk of any operation. The Physician can also assist with the management of on-going medical problems or complications following surgery. A General Physician usually sees patients who have been referred to him by other doctors, usually the patient's General Practitioner or another Medical or Surgical Specialist.


1. Cherie - Clinical Nurse Specialist

2. Michael - Senior Cardiac Sonographer

3. Meika - Cardiac Nurse

4. Robin - Cardiac Nurse

5. Scott - Respiratory/Sleep Physiologist

6. Gavin - Respiratory/Sleep Physiologist

7. Elisa - Clinical Cardiac Physiologist

8. John - Clinical Cardiac Physiologist


How do I access this service?


A referral is required from your GP or Specialist for a consultation.

Referral Expectations

Your GP will refer you to Dr Kennedy if they feel you would benefit from a Specialist Physician's advice regarding your medical condition. You can also request a second opinion from your General Practitioner. A history of your symptoms, past medical and family history will be taken, and your medications will be checked. Any available old notes will be reviewed, you will be examined and your investigation results will be perused with you. Recommendations regarding your diagnosis and options for investigation and treatment will be discussed. A letter will be sent to your GP, with a copy to you. If you have any important change in your condition before you come to your appointment, please see your GP immediately.

What you need to bring to your appointment:

  1. Any relevant letters or reports from your Doctor, Hospital or other Specialist.
  2. All medicines you are currently taking, including herbal, natural, complementary preparations. Please bring the medications, including any inhalers.
  3. Local radiology is accessible on-line.  Please bring  x-ray, CT (Computed Tomography) or MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) reports or images that may have been taken outside of Northland. 
  4. A support person can be helpful.

What to bring to an Immigration Medical appointment:

  1. Immigration e-referral requesting that you are to see a Specialist (straightforward Immigration Medicals are undertaken by a Panel Physician, a GP nominated by NZ Immigration).
  2. All relevant current and previous x-ray, CT and MRI images and reports (if Immigration is still holding your overseas x-rays, please obtain the x-rays from them).  Local radiology is accessible on-line. 
  3. If English is not your first language, please bring someone who can interpret and speak on your behalf.  A support person can be helpful, even if you speak fluent English.
  4. Your passport.


You can be advised of the costs of standard consultation and follow-up at the time of making your appointment. Additional charges for other procedures are also available on enquiry (ECG, Spirometry, Echocardiogram etc).

Dr Kennedy is a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Gastroscopy and Lung Function.  This means that if you have medical insurance cover with Southern Cross, the claim will be submitted directly to Southern Cross for you and you will be informed whether there is a shortfall payment depending on your policy. Payment of any shortfall is expected on the day.

We see other insured and self-funded patients.

Payment is required at the time of appointments (whether or not you have insurance cover), unless by prior arrangement.

Payment accepted: Cash, EFTPOS, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard) and Direct Credit/Internet Banking.  We do not accept cheques.


8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Mon – Fri8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Monday to Friday: 8 am - 5 pm for Receptionist. Nurse available: Monday 9 am - midday, Tuesday and Thursday 8 am - 5 pm. Closed weekends and public holidays.

Public Holidays: Closed Labour Day (24 Oct), Northland Anniversary (30 Jan), Waitangi Day (6 Feb), Good Friday (7 Apr), Easter Sunday (9 Apr), Easter Monday (10 Apr), ANZAC Day (25 Apr), Queen's Birthday (5 Jun), Matariki (14 Jul).

Common Conditions / Procedures / Treatments

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

    Patient information:
    An ECG (Electrocardiogram) tracing is a recording of your heart's electrical activity that can be read by your doctor.… More

  • Exercise ECG

    Patient information:
    An ECG undertaken when you are resting may be normal, even when you have coronary artery disease.… More

  • Resting Echocardiogram (Echo) and Exercise Stress Echocardiogram

    Patient information:
    Echocardiography is also known as cardiac ultrasound or echo.… More

  • Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring

    Patient information:
    Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring (CACS) is a method to image and quantify calcification within the coronary arteries.  It looks for signs of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) due to the build-up of calcium inside fatty deposits (or atherosclerosis, also called plaque) in the coronary arteries. … More

  • Event Monitor

    Patient information:
    Event monitoring is a type of electrocardiograph test used to record your heartbeat when you experience symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness or chest pain.… More

  • Holter Monitor

    Patient information:
    A Holter monitor records the heartbeat continuously for 24 hours.… More

  • Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

    Patient information:
    High blood pressure (BP) puts an increased load on the heart, brain, kidneys and other organs.… More

  • Electrical Cardioversion

    Patient information:
    Electrical cardioversion is a procedure used to correct rhythm abnormalities of the heart, in which a small electric shock is used to "jolt" the heart back into a normal rhythm.… More

  • Gastroscopy

    Patient information:
    This is a procedure which allows Dr Kennedy to see inside your oesophagus, stomach, and the first part of the small intestine (duodenum) allowing direct examination of the lining. This is undertaken by Dr Kennedy at Kensington Hospital.  Dr Kennedy is a Southern Cross Affiliated Provider for gastroscopy.… More

  • Liver Biopsy

    Patient information:
    The best way to establish what type of liver disease is present and the extent and stage of the disease, is with a liver biopsy.… More

  • Bronchoscopy

    Patient information:
    Dr Kennedy can arrange for this procedure in Auckland or Whangarei.… More

  • Spirometry

    Patient information:
    Spirometry is a test which measures the volume of air with which your lungs can be filled and the rate that you can empty your lungs.… More

  • Lung Function Tests

    Patient information:
    This testing is undertaken with an experienced Lung Function Technician.… More

  • Pleural Aspiration and Biopsy

    Patient information:
    Pleural aspiration and biopsy are most often undertaken to diagnose the cause for pleural fluid or pleural mass/thickening.… More

  • Coronary Artery Disease

    Patient information:
    This refers to narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle.… More

  • Heart Failure and Cardiomyopathy

    Patient information:
    Heart failure refers to the heart failing to pump efficiently.… More

  • Myocarditis

    Patient information:
    With any patient or doctor concern about the possibility of inflammatory myocarditis or pericarditis related to COVID-19 vaccination or any other cause, we can undertake an urgent cardiac ultrasound (Echocardiogram). More

  • Heart Valve Disease

    Patient information:
    The four chambers of your heart receive and send blood to the lungs and body.… More

  • Cardiac Arrhythmias

    Patient information:
    Your heart rate is controlled by an electrical system within the heart muscle.… More

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)

    Patient information:
    Poorly treated hypertension can damage the heart, kidneys and increase the risk of heart failure, heart attack, renal failure, stroke and circulation problems to the lower limbs.… More

  • Asthma

    Patient information:
    Symptoms of asthma include cough, wheezing, a tight chest and trouble breathing.… More

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Emphysema

    Patient information:
    In COPD, the major feature is a lack of full reversibility in airflow obstruction. Airways collapse, become blocked and lung tissue and air sacs become damaged.… More

  • Peptic Ulcer Disease

    Patient information:
    Peptic ulcers are sores or eroded areas that form in the lining of the upper digestive tract.… More

  • Coeliac Disease

    Patient information:
    Coeliac disease is quite a common condition caused by gluten allergy.… More

  • Hepatitis

    Patient information:
    This is inflammation of the liver, caused by a variety of different processes. … More

  • Haemochromatosis

    Patient information:
    Haemochromatosis is an hereditary condition in which excess iron is absorbed from the intestinal tract.  This iron accumulates in tissues throughout the body including the liver, pancreas, heart and joints and can lead to symptoms and signs including arthritis, skin pigmentation, liver damage, heart failure, diabetes and sexual… More

  • Headaches/Migraines

    Patient information:
    In most cases, headaches are not due to significant underlying problems.… More

  • Thyroid Disorders

    Patient information:
    The thyroid is a gland that sits in the front, and towards the bottom, of your neck.… More

  • Osteoporosis

    Patient information:
    Osteoporosis weakens and makes your bones more prone to breaking (fracture).… More

  • Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis

    Patient information:
    These are systemic conditions of unknown cause that cause significant disability.… More

  • Gout

    Patient information: 
    Gout is an acutely painful, disabling form of arthritis associated with the accumulation of monosodium urate crystals in the joints and soft tissues.… More

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

    Patient information:
    In RA the body’s immune system attacks the lining of the joints.… More

  • Fibromyalgia

    Patient information:
    Symptoms include aches, pains, fatigue, morning stiffness and sleep problems.… More

  • Diagnostic Dilemma

    Patient information:
    General Physicians specialise in the diagnosis of difficult conditions. Many of my referrals include patients with symptoms of weight loss, fatigue, headaches, breathing difficulties, generalised pain, etc.… More

Wheelchair Access


Visiting Hours

Clinics all day Tuesdays and Thursday mornings.

Travel Directions

Travelling from South
Travelling North on State Highway 1 on Western Hills Drive, turn first right into Percy Street after Kensington Park and St John's Ambulance station. 

Travelling from North
Travelling South on State Highway 1 on Western Hills Drive, turn first left into Percy Street after Whau Valley lights.

Public Transport


Off-street parking is available and there is ramp access for the disabled.
Parking is also available on Percy Street.




The closest pharmacy (including after hours) is the Kensington Pharmacy at the Kensington Shopping Centre, only a couple of minutes drive from Cardinal Points. Other pharmacies close to the rooms on the way north are David's Pharmacy in Three Mile Bush Road and the Kamo Pharmacy in Kamo Road, both at the Kamo Shopping Centre.


Arthritis New Zealand: First Floor, 25 Rathbone St, Whangārei  (09) 438 5037 

Ascot Cardiology Auckland: 0800 4HEART  0800 443 278

Ascot Radiology Auckland :09 520 9550

Asthma Foundation:

Coeliac Society New Zealand:                   

EchoNorth: 56 Kamo Rd, Whangārei  (09) 974 8844

GreenLane Imaging:  0800 CTSCAN  0800 287 226

Multiple Sclerosis Society (Northland) Field Officer:  027 539 9883  (09) 438 3945

National Heart Foundation: Level 1, 25 Rathbone Street, Whangārei  (09) 459 6518 

Northland Pathology Laboratory Collection Centres:

TRG: 11 Kensington Ave, Whangārei  (09) 437 0540, Kerikeri (09) 407 6222

Trinity MRI Auckland:

Contact Details

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

For any urgent Echocardiogram, Exercise Stress Echocardiogram or Exercise Tolerance Test, contact Specialist Clinic Nurse Cherie on (09) 437 4091. If she is unavailable and it is URGENT, call Mark Kennedy on (021) 702 395. We can undertake transthoracic echocardiograms most weekdays. 

8 Percy Street

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