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Sleep and Insomnia Clinic

Dr Tony Fernando is our Sleep and Insomnia Specialist at Practice 92 in Mt Eden.  At present we do have a long waiting list but we also offer cancellations if you are flexible and can come at short notice. 

Dr Antonio Fernando
Consultant Psychiatrist and Sleep & Insomnia Specialist
Appointments are 1.1/2 hrs for the initial assessment and consultation: $580
Follow up appointments are 20 minutes: $190

To make a referral please contact: Practice 92 on 09 638 9804 or fax a referral to: 09 638 9814. Referrals may also be emailed to:

Once a referral is received a sleep diary, sleep questionnaire, a cover letter and a map of how to find Practice 92 will be sent to the patient.


Insomnia is one of the most common medical problems. It is defined as poor quality sleep, often with a long wait for sleep to happen, middle of the night awakening or waking up too early. At least 10% of adults in the developed world have chronic, longstanding insomnia. Treating insomnia is not as simple as avoiding coffee and having a warm milk or bath at night. A detailed assessment is necessary to find out what exactly is causing insomnia.

Different causes of insomnia include

  •  long standing poor sleep habits
  •  anxiety, stress and depression
  •  biological clock problems
  •  chronic pain
  •  certain personality types
  •  medical or neurological problems
  •  substances.

Only after a cause is identified should a proper treatment plan ensue.Treatment of insomnia can include:

1)   non medication, psychological approaches

2)   bright light and hormone treatments

3)   medications.

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