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Dr Keith Laubscher - Musculoskeletal & Interventional Pain Specialist

Private Service, Musculoskeletal, Pain Management

Additional Options Include Referral To:

  • Orthopaedic surgeons where there is a need to consider or exclude a specific treatment option.
  • Psychiatrist or psychologists for assessment and support for patients who have co-existing mood or other psychological disturbance in association with their pain. This sort of support can be useful for some patients where there is no clear line of surgical, interventional or pharmacological treatment, or where these have failed.
  • Physiotherapists, either on or offsite, for physical based therapies such as graded motor imagery or rehabilitative exercise and rehabilitative programmes.
  • Other specialists where clinically indicated.
  •  A tertiary service, particularly for paediatric patients or adults with complex pain disorders and/or where treatment in the community seems impractical.

While an interdisciplinary approach is preferred, this is not always entirely possible in practice, largely because of vagaries related to funding and third party insurers.

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