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Antenatal Care - First Trimester

When you phone AOC to make a booking we will usually arrange your first consultation for about your 8th to 9th week. As the initial appointment is 45 minutes please contact us early in your pregnancy to ensure a booking.

You are most welcome to arrange a first appointment earlier in your pregnancy, particularly if you are concerned about miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy or any other early pregnancy problems.

At your booking visit we will discuss your medical history, general health and answer your questions about antenatal care. We will also arrange for you to have an initial set of antenatal screening bloods (see medical tests in pregnancy) and discuss other screening tests you may wish to have.

Most women at this stage feel tired and experience "morning sickness", which may occur through much of the day. You may also find you need to go to sleep much earlier than usual. Some women also experience constipation and breast tenderness. Don't worry: most of these symptoms subside and you will "glow" as your first trimester symptoms start to settle.

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