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Antenatal Care - Second Trimester

Most women are aware of a "bump" from about 12 to 14 weeks after their last period but at first it may only be obvious at the end of the day. By 18 to 20 weeks most women should have started to feel baby moving.

During the second trimester there are some screening tests that many women opt to have. These include screening tests for Down Syndrome that comprise a nuchal translucency scan at 11 to 14 weeks and a blood test at 14 to 18 weeks. These two tests can be done on their own or as an "integrated test" that takes the risk assessment from both tests to produce a more reliable result. For more information see medical tests in pregnancy.

At 18 to 20 weeks most women have an anatomy scan to check baby's heart, spine, brain and other important organs. This scan also checks that the placenta is in the right place and that baby has grown appropriately.

At this stage we are only seeing you every four weeks but there is no need to save all your queries for your clinic visits. You can call us between appointments with any questions or concerns that you might have. If you are planning to attend antenatal classes it is worth booking them now as they fill up quickly (click here for contact details of antenatal class providers).

At 26 weeks you will have a second set of blood tests to screen for diabetes (the polycose test), anaemia and blood group antibodies.

If you are travelling at this time do check that your insurance covers problems in pregnancy as most insurance companies will not cover you after 28 weeks.

You will need to start planning when you will cut back or stop working.

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