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MercyAscot Gynaecological Surgery

Private Surgical Service, Obstetrics and Gynaecology

This is where you will come to have your surgery performed. The visits to your surgeon before and after surgery will be at their consulting rooms.

Endometriosis Treatment

Laparascopic: an incision (cut) is made near your navel (tummy button) and a thin tube with a tiny camera attached (laparoscope) is inserted, allowing the surgeon a view of the internal organs. If endometriosis is being treated, small instruments are introduced through several small cuts in the lower abdomen and endometrial tissue is destroyed using an electric current or laser beam.

Abdominal (laparotomy): if endometriosis is very widespread, an incision is made in the abdomen, opening up the abdominal cavity so that the endometrial tissue can be removed.

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