Helping you and your family make sense of inherited cancer
Awhi Whānau Mate-puku-puku
The New Zealand Family Cancer Service is a team of health professionals who provide genetic and medical care, supporting New Zealanders and their families who may be concerned about their personal or family history of cancer.

Our vision is that all New Zealanders can access trained, trusted and skilled professionals, from the comfort of their own home or where you are comfortable talking with us.
Our Team
Our team of family cancer specialists comprises health professionals with the following areas of expertise:
  • breast cancer
  • women’s cancers
  • chemotherapy treatment
  • personalised genetic advice (genetic risk assessment)  from our NZ based Genetic Counsellors
  • psychology services
Our health professionals are also part of a larger cancer care network, and have relationships with cancer gene specialists, radiologists, gastroenterologists, plastic surgeons and specialist nurses, across New Zealand.


Referral Expectations

Managing Referrals from other Specialists

Many specialists will come across patients at known or possible increased risk of familial cancer during their routine practice.

Our service is designed to support you in clarifying your patient's risk and to document this for use in your subsequent management.

Surgeons and other referring specialists can utilize our services at one or all of three levels:

  1. Genetic counselling and risk-clarification including eligibility for gene testing
  2. Gene testing
  3. Risk reducing surgery

From your initial referral we will be seeking clarification as to what level of intervention you require of us. It is usual practice for us to assume that if a patient is referred to us that we should move from option one to option two if that seems appropriate to us.

We provide a team of oncology-trained surgeons who perform risk-reducing surgery, but activation of this option requires a specific referral from the specialist, otherwise women will be referred back to their referrer for risk-reducing management once their risk status has been clarified.

Referral Form for Doctors

For individuals who would like to see us, please refer to "Seeing Us" on our website


Please refer to "Our Fees" section of our website for an outline of our fees.


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  • Genetic Counselling

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  • Genetic Testing

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Services Provided


  • Genetic counselling

Mental health

  • Adult / Pakeke
  • Older adult / Kaumātua

Cancer Types

Breast, Lower Gastrointestinal (Bowel / Rectum / Anus), Prostate, Gynaecological

Contact Details

Please use the listed email address to contact us, or visit our website for further options.

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Postal Address

PO Box 56621
Dominion Road
Auckland 1446

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