Family Cancer

The New Zealand Family Cancer Service provides risk assessment and genetic testing in a supportive environment.

We aim to advise and treat both men and women who:

  1. think they may have an increased risk because of a strong family history of cancer
  2. have significant concerns but do not know their actual risk
  3. have been diagnosed with cancers that have a genetic predisposition

and who want to spend time ‘one-on-one’ with an expert who can help them.

We provide easily accessible online counselling with our genetic counsellors who are trained to listen carefully to your personal and family story and then decide the level of your risk of cancer. They will help determine whether you are at a greater risk of developing cancer than other New Zealanders.

If you are found to have an increased risk of cancer, our counsellor will then advise if you might benefit from testing your family genes for faults that might lead to increased risk of cancer. Gene testing via a saliva sample may help clarify your risk.

We can also offer pathways that may reduce your risk. These may include surveillance, screening tests and surgical options.

When we give advice, we are using up to date international scientific guidelines.

With your permission, we will work closely with your family doctor so that you will be surrounded with a highly dedicated, accessible, and focused team.

Common Types of Family Cancer:

Women’s Cancers Men’s Cancers Common Cancers
Breast Prostate Bowel
Ovarian Breast Bladder
Lining of womb (endometrium)   Stomach (gastric)

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